Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Piece for an iPad

Hey there everyone! I know this is a blog and not a push-push-push to get my ideas across to try to force and bend people to my will. I'm just not that kind of girl.

But I'm not opposed to begging.

You see, I'm not begging for me, I'm begging for my kids.

I have just signed up for an iPad Challenge through the Puzzling Piece. (warning if you're at work, lower your volume if you click on the link - there's music!)

What is the Puzzling Piece?
- In  a quick summary, the Puzzling Piece is an accessories line developed by a mother of a little boy with autism. These pieces are to spread not only autism awareness but also to help raise money for autism families and causes that support autism. Read more here.

How does that involve an iPad challenge?
- Well easy, I entered the names of all my children for a chance to win an iPad. The challenge part of it is that I need to sell 60 pieces in order to receive an iPad.

But you have 6 kids!
- Yes, that is true, so my goal is 60 x 6 = 360 pieces

How can I help?
- I'm glad you asked. Just go the Puzzling Piece website Then go to "Products". Click on the tab that says "iPad Challenge Pieces". Find a piece or pieces that you like and order. When prompted for the "Challengers Name" you enter my name - Krystal Pares. (Yes, I'm putting my full name out there because that is how important this is to me).

Here is a link to the iPad Challenge Pieces to make it easier (I'm all about simplicity people)

Here are some of the pieces that qualify for the challenge:
iPad Challenge Pieces

An iPad would be so beneficial to my children. It can help them with communication. It can help them with attention. It can be used in therapy. It can be used as a reward. There are so many things an iPad can be used for. There are so many apps to help children with autism. I need to give them a chance. I need to try. I cannot afford 1 iPad let alone 6 so this is my attempt. This is my effort.

Will you help?

I would be more than thankful!! My children will be more than thankful!! Heck, I'll even come over and do your laundry, wash your dishes, and cook you a meal!! (Well, maybe order a pizza because that's about all I'm good for in the kitchen)

If you can't purchase, I understand but can you share? Let others know about my goal?

Can you help me let my children have the smiles these children have?....

Disclaimer: Although I love you all very dearly and would love to come and do your housework, we all know that's really not possible but its the thought that counts right?

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  1. My friend has an iPad for her son who has APD. It helps him so much. I'll take a look at the website. Good luck!


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