Monday, November 14, 2011

My mind is on vacation and left me behind

Have you ever had those feelings where you have no idea where you are, what you are doing, how you got there, or what the hell is going on? Yeah, these are the moments when your mind goes on vacation and says "screw you, you're staying put!"

Yeah, I'm in that zone right now...

I can only imagine where my mind has run off to.

Maybe some paradise beach in Bali drinking a concoction of spirits and fruits while buff men in tiny shorts fan her until she falls asleep.

Or, maybe she is whale watching off the coast of Maine snuggled up in a nice warm puffy jacket waiting till she gets back to the dock to have some hot chocolate.

No, she must be in New York, walking the streets and admiring the fashion and courage people have to wear what they do as she prepares to decide what Broadway show she is going to watch next.

Wherever my mind is, I really need her back because this aimless wandering trying to figure things out without her cannot be good.

Personally, I would prefer New York.... I'm in a Carrie Bradshaw kinda mood lately

So dear friends and random readers, if you see her anywhere, let her know I'm about to start posting MISSING posters around town if she doesn't get back soon.