Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's the squirrel in the tree that's making the noise....oh, and its Random Tuesday!

Well, it's that time of the week again where we are just allowed to blabber on about nothing in particular and shake the cob-webs out of our brains to make room for the stuff that really matters like the grocery lists, honey-do lists, and how else we can figure out to survive the rest of the week without shooting a pesky dog or bird or contractor that is just driving you up the wall asking for a damn release that he already received five times before!!! Oh, wait.... yeah, here's Random Tuesday Thoughts hosted by the lovely and talented (and always a bit tipsy but who wouldn't be hosting all these events that she does?) Stacy of Stacy Uncorked!!! **APPLAUSE**

Okay, okay, enough applause people - it's getting kinda loud and I don't want to set off the dogs...they bark at anything and boy do I mean anything!! Seriously!! When Mr. Big comes home, its announced by the yapping at the door. He would never be able to come in and surprise me because the dogs would spoil it - oh and that he must yell back at them "Knock it off!" so that would kill any surprise he may have planned also.

Yesterday, well, technically Sunday night because I am writing this on Monday night and scheduling it to publish in the future....where was I? Oh, right, last night Mr. Big brought me dinner - my favorite...grilled salmon with baked sweet potato on the side. This time he brought me two servings of the yummy sweet butter and cinnamon mix to put on top of the sweet potato...oh - boy - was - that - delicious!!! Yeah, I just had to share that - I am spoiled!!

I never thought it was possible but someone managed to fuck up a Dyson...yeah, a Dyson!!! I went to work today (read: Monday) while everyone else was out chilling by the pool ignoring watching their children while drinking ice cold and spiked fruit punch waiting for the men in their family to finish burning grilling their Memorial Day bar-b-q meals. Well, the cleaning lady decided to come by today (it's about time!! I've been working there for almost 3 months and she has never been there in 3 months!! oh sorry, I tangented again). Well, while I was working, she was vacuuming, actually her son was vacuuming - but that is another story altogether - she took over the vacuum in order to get under one of the desks and then I hear a horrible crunching sound. The thing is making this whirring sound and then smells like something is burning. She unplugs the thing, puts it on its side and then asks for my scissors - WTF?  She proceeds to pick at the bottom of the vacuum with the scissors and scoop out stuff I would not imagine a dog cough up!!! Blech!!  She felt satisfied with her repairs of the machine and went on to vacuum again - now the noise was even louder and more annoying and the smell continued. She once again attempted to extract whatever it was that she thought was causing the problem....needless to say, she finished vacuuming but the Dyson did not sound the same again....I wonder if she will be charged back for replacing it?

I spent Saturday with my cousin who is old enough to be my mom, well, actually she is my mom's first cousin, and her daughter who is actually a twin but the other one is in DC - she's/they are a year younger than I am - we grew up together - well, we spent the day/afternoon at the the twins' dad's house for a BBQ bc he couldn't have one on MemDay because he would be working - he's a police ociffer!!! But yeah, my cousin brought her baby daughter who happens to share the same birthday as my Gabby!!  And she is just cuters!! I love chubby baby cheeks - see...

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I just had to share - oh gosh is she cuters!!! Oh and she says hi!! She waves her little hand and says hi!! Yeah, I'm missing that stage of adorable babyness

Oh, and to add even more adorable babyness to the randomness...here's my Gabby being a pirate....I fall in love every time I see this face -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

well, yeah, I know the sun-glasses are a bit big but she is just gorgeous!! Trust me on it - and no, I'm not biased, not in the least!!

So, now that you are done going goo goo gaga over the cuteness that are the little girls born on the same day, head on over and harass love on Stacy, I know she will love to see you!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spin Cycle: A reunion with a disease...

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I have to admit that I have not been the best of daughters for the past while but I am trying to remedy that. The first of which was spending some much needed time with my dad. I had not visited him where he lives in the Keys in seven years!! I know am I crazy?

So, I thought - what better than to go to the Keys to see daddy and that way he can meet Mr. Big?! 

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Me and my dad

So, of course, with everything related to this reunion - my dad meeting Mr. Big, I also met part of the family that has adopted my father. They are a roudy bunch of sailors and bikers - my kinda people. They accepted me & Mr. Big with open arms and treated us like locals as if we had always been there.

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The wild and crazy bunch aka My new family

Mr. Big loved the fact that everywhere we went with my dad everyone knew who he was and we were treated with the same equality and affection. It was truly a sense of coming home and being welcomed. I could never forget it. Now I realize why my dad moved down there and never turned back.

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Me & Todd (my dad's "adopted" brother LOL)

We spent our last day out on the boats and partying on a small island known as picnic island. Where all the locals gather, weigh anchor and just hang out and have a good time. It's boats, beer, music and fun!!  There is no rhyme or reason to it; just have a good time and especially NO TOURISTS!!! except the local-tourists like Mr. Big and I but we're family so we didn't count.

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Mr. Big - Hungry??

It was a reunion of like minds and crazy people. A reunion of families and friends sharing in what we call "The Keys Disease" - once you catch it, it's hard to get rid of.

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Boats on the Water

And to make the event even more spectacular - we even had our own concert!! Right on the water!! How cool is that?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Music on the Water (The band is on the roof)

I can't wait to return - the Keys Disease has hit Mr. Big and I real hard. We can so see ourselves relocating there and becoming the locals that we are in our hearts.

Hey, where else can you live the life of a hard worker and still enjoy the fruits of your labor and kick back, have a beer, out on the open water and just listen to the music as the sun sets while you pull you boat into the dock and carry your worries away with the last sip?

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Refreshments - Stay Thirsty my Friends

So, my  reunion has become a reflection of life and where things stand. Soon we will be back again and I will make sure to fill you in on all the insanity and laughter from the trip - but for now, join me and all the others over at Sprite's Keeper and join in on the Spin Cycle - YEAH!!! It's back!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Jen has finally broken down and resumed her duties in the laundry room (Jen, don't take that in the literal sense PLEASE) and is hosting the Spin Cycle again - so come on over, bring your fabric softener and join in on the fun!!

But before you go, check out the video below - that's the music we were listening to. It's a family band a la Partridge family but much cooler!!! (Oh, and if you pay attention to the conversation in the background I am sure you will get a laugh!)

Sounds of the day

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Hey, they are not my words so technically I am

The other night Mr. Big read this to me after I asked him why he was laughing so hard. Yesterday his sister posted it on FB so now I am going to share it with you because honestly, I could not stop laughing either...

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So, join in on the Wordless Wednesday fun and head over to Stacy's - she's got all the dish on where to go for this auspicious occasion...(yeah, I know, I'm sending you to her again but you have to admit, she throws the best parties!!) Oh, and watch your step....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leave a message at the beep....oh, yeah, its Random Tuesday!

Do you hate it when you call someone you get a song instead of a ring tone? Don't get me wrong, some songs are catchy and all but then you have those that really suck! Then you have that song playing on repeat in your head all day. I sometimes just want to leave them a message telling them that their choice of music needs to be re-evaluated or my relationship with them will have to be re-evaluated as well - it's their choice. I wonder what they will pick...

In the spirit of phone calls, don't you hate it when someone tells you to call them at a particular time or you tell them to call you at a particular time and then they don't. Then the next time that you do talk to that person they are all pissy because you don't call them anymore. Hello!!  I did make attempts to "pencil you in" but you were just too busy so screw you....oh, I love you too!

My kids are making me laugh lately. Athena is trying to learn spanish and she is practicing with me and when I talk to her, she just gives me this blank stare. I think she is not used to the speed at which I talk; the computer is much slower and mommy's mouth runs at the speed of light - sometimes thats a good thing though.

Gabby is talking a storm - sometimes I wonder when she was born because honestly, she could not have grown up that quickly! She is a little woman - and boy is she fashionable!! Loves bracelets, sunglasses, hats, etc. Oh boy, she is going to be a doosy to go shopping with!

Today at work I found out that at the end of the summer it is going to be my responsibility to coordinate the company Christmas party! OMG!!! I am loving this!! I have so many ideas and suggestions and themes and everything!! So, how much do you think that it would cost me to get an ice sculpture of the entire staff??

Talking about parties - come join the randomness with Stacy while she continues to hold down the fort for another week and wonderfully hosts Random Tuesdays

But be careful - that glass of wine in her hand is off limits! I tried to get a sip the other day and she almost knocked me out with that sign!!

Oh, and I just had to throw this one in there....

And everyone thought that Oprah was going to be the one to take the reigns - I guess wrestling is more popular than Oprah....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspired by Cosmo!!

I was reading an article in Cosmo and it triggered the question….
What is the difference between making love and having sex?
I have wondered the answer to this because there are times where you just want to have full blown all out crazy tumbles in the sheets with your partner. You know the sweaty animalistic primal sex that gets your adrenaline going and screaming at the top of your lungs? Yeah, that type.
How about those moments where you want just the sensual passion and soft moments where you can feel every inch of each other’s bodies to the point that is seems as if your hearts sync together and beat as one – but, it’s a new relationship and the love word has not escaped either of your mouths let alone your thoughts.
What if it is a couple that is in love and have had a long relationship and everything is great but they are not into the whole soft and sensual that is shown in Soap Operas (like that ever really happens and if it does, can someone tell me how they do not make all those body noises and weird faces we know we all make when we are in the sack?)? What if their sexual style is the all out crazy and primal? – because heck, we know there are those people out there too.
And of course there is the couple that is just into the sweet and innocent and into taking their time. With candles and soft lighting and rose petals on the bed and floor (what if one of those gets st…nevermind)
And if there is a difference between the two, is there a transition period? Is there another term? When do you know that the difference is upon you? Is it the moment that you first say I love you that turns it into “making love”? Is there a way to shift between the two depending on the moment?
Does the location also make a difference? The bed, the shower (still don’t understand that one but hey, to each his own), the car, the backyard, the bathroom at the local bar….???? Anyone, anyone?? Bueller?? This is a whole other topic that I may touch on soon or later…because it interests me to hear what others have to say on what Realtor’s base their life’s work…Location, location, location!!
I think Petra (the Wise Young Mommy – miss you writing btw!!!) asked this question once before but heck, like I told Irish, reading is the fundamentals of writing and my reading has sparked this question (Irish, sorry for somehow connecting your meaningful writing to my insane thoughts but heck, I’m just nuts like that).
Any takers on trying to solve this riddle? Ooohh, maybe I can compile your thoughts into witty review and even submit it to Cosmo and then they will love my recap of various ideas and then I will get hired as a free lance writer for them and become all famous and be able to finally buy me a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos!! (Mary Anne, you are so totally to blame for my obsession with these shoes you know that right?)
We can only hope!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Totally Tuesday - wait, no So Totally Random....Where's my brain?

Wow! It has been a while since I have done one of these things and now I learn that Keely is no longer hosting them....WTF?!? Oh well, Stacy over at Stacy Uncorked has been gracious enough to take over hold the fort until Keely decides she is ready to come back from the looney bin vacation.

The other day I was at the grocery store and this wonderful young lady (to be read dunce sixteen year old with no clue) glanced at my shirt and asked me an interesting question: "Do you listen to Jimi Hendrix?" My response was undoubtedly yes, if not I would not be wearing a Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt DUH!! Anywho....her next question was something along the lines of "Does he do rap or rock?" You can imagine the astonishment that I had and the urge that I had to teach this child a thing about music (actually I just wanted to yell and scream at her and tell her that she was a complete idiot and beg to know what the hell it is that they are teaching kids in school today, but I refrained from doing so).

When did acid washed jeans come back into fashion? Yesterday at the bank I saw this random guy in tight acid washed jeans - the kind that you would see in an episode of the first season of Saved by the Bell, by one of the girls. Seriously, I know I am not the most fashionable of people, but that is just ridiculous!!

I talked to the kids last night before bed and Athena was all bummed out because school is almost over (This is not my child) and Junior is all excited because school is almost over - he is even counting down the days (THIS is my child).

Last night I was out to dinner with Mr. Big and I was complaining about all of the bugs - his response, "You live in Florida" - my rationalization of it: the impending end of the earth on May 21st, but in all likelihood, I will be wrong and as usual, Mr. Big is right. Yes, I have to admit, he is usually always right, damn-it!

Well, I will let you all get back to the wonder that is your lives but if you have any random thoughts floating up in your minds, jot them down and share them - maybe if we bombard Stacy enough, Keely will resume her position and Stacy can go back to carrying a glass of wine instead of a sign (Stacy, your arm is looking rather buff there though)

Just follow the sign, She will help you find your way!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just one of them days (or is it supposed to be those?)

Well, if you have not heard already, today is Monday.

That dreaded day that starts off the work week for most people and drags on to infinity while we stare at the clocks on our computers begging for 5pm.

Today did not start off that well. For some reason I woke up from a nasty dream that just has had my mind racing and wandering with questions and thoughts.

Many that I know are stupid and others wondering, how the heck?

Yeah, its one of those days.

I hate that feeling because it nags you until the day is done and then well into dinner, interrupting the peaceful shower that you should be having and then keeps picking at you until you go to sleep.

That is if you can even go to sleep because you keep wondering if the feeling will be gone when you wake up or if it will still be there to continue nagging at you on Tuesday.

Its like that annoying ringing in your ear that you get when the room is too quiet and then drives you mad wondering when it will go away but little do you know that it has already gone away but yet it still remains in the recesses of your mind because you are subconsciously hearing it and driving yourself insane.

Yeah, and they say the mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Oh well, back to the grind and the monotony that is Monday. Maybe, if the weather is fine I will take a walk after work when I get home and see if that clears my mind. Otherwise I will probably crawl into bed, listen to Pink Floyd and really wonder where my brain is wandering off to.

Or just read a good book until Mr. Big gets home from work and then I can just unload on him....

Question of the day: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Yeah, totally random I know - I will leave you now before I scare you away.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No, I'm not procrastinating, not at all...

Well, today is Sunday and it is the day that I usually do housework. You know, clean the bathroom, laundry, clean up the boudoir, and all that jazz but for some reason, I am not feeling it. I also have a paper due today for my Psychology of Learning class, but I'm not feeling that either.

Heck! Give me some credit, I did wake up early!! Mind you it was because Mr. Big woke up to go to work so I woke up too like the good girlfriend that I am to spend the little time I could in the morning with him (but then I did go back to sleep to wake up at 11:45 not wanting to get out of bed).

So, I thought that since this is a new blog away from the one that I had started so many years ago (not really so many, I should stop making myself sound old) I think it is time for a recap for those of you that already know me and for those of you who don't to get to know me :-)

As you all can tell from that big picture up there - yeah, go ahead and look up, I'll wait - yeah, that one - I have six kids. They are all mine, naturally born to me (well the littlest one had to be extracted via c-section - damn child for leaving me with a scar! JOKING - I love my monsters children more than life itself). The oldest five have varying degrees of autism and the littlest one has a physical disability related to low muscle tone but nobody really knows what it is because she has no reflexes or nerve response on her lower left extremities. But she does walk and run with the best of them and gets back up and keeps on going whenever she falls. My kids do not let their disabilities define who they are, they just keep going and enjoy their lives. The two older ones know that they are different while the other four are still to young to realize it but we will cross that threshold when we get there.

I am divorced after almost 10 years of marriage, it just wasn't a marriage any more and we are better off for it. The kids live with him because the divorce was going to be hard enough on them, moving them out of the only home they know and their stability (dad has been a stay at home dad since they were born so he is their rock) would have been even more devastating on them. I see them twice a week and every holiday, birthday, event, etc. I talk to them on the phone twice a day and miss them like crazy. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss tucking them in and kissing them goodnight. And weirdest of all, I miss being there on those nights where they are puking and coughing everywhere, yeah, that's a mom for you. But I had to do what was right for them and leave them with as much structure as possible. Their disabilities do not accept change too well so the least change the better.

I changed my job too. I had to get out of where I was, aside from the fact that the money just was not enough anymore - the stress was killing me and certain other factors that just made it impossible to work there and do what I needed to do. My new job is great and the people are wonderful. I'm settled and happy there.

The biggest change of all for me has been myself. I have put my foot down and stopped living for others and am living for myself and my children (these are the only "others" I will live for). Nobody is going to define who I am or tell me what to do anymore - I am in charge of my life and only I can decide what direction my life is going into.

This has led me to where I am now and the relationship that I am in right now. I am in a great place with a wonderful man - for all intensive purposes we will call him Mr. Big (no, I am not obsessed with Sex and the City - he is just big.... 6'5" next to my petite 5' - yeah, BIG!).  You will probably find him mentioned across a few posts here and there so it was important to introduce you to him.

Well, that's the latest in a nut shell. The wheels in my head are still spinning to figure out what else to write because I really do not want to write that paper and start cleaning but I have to - I have given myself until 2pm to get the cleaning done and its already 1:33pm - so yeah, I think the procrastination is over for now because if not I will be up until 2 in the morning finishing the damn paper and I really really do not want to do that - I am not a nice person when I don't get sleep!!

So that's all for now folks!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have one...do you?

I know I am one of those people that loves to make lists of things that she wants to do but never accomplishes them. Isn't that boring? I think so but guess what?!?  It is time for a change!!

I know, I know, change is not easy but heck, if we do not change then we are just stuck inthe same rut and that can get kinda boring (and smelly if you ask me).

So this is my bucket list....things I want to do before I die (and according to the people from FamilyRadio.com the end of days is May 21 so I do not have much time!!) - and no, I'm not trying to be morbid here - just thinking that if I write it down I may actually do some of them!!

Krystal's Bucket List (In no particular order, well maybe in some sort of order):
- Get my boobs done!!!
- Get my tattoo(s)
- Get into better shape
- Finally learn to ride a motorcycle - wait, learn to drive a motrcycle, I already know how to ride one!
- Buy my own motorcycle
- Get a larger car
- Buy a house of my own
- Go on a cruise
- Ride a REAL roller coaster (Space Mountain does not count)
- Take a REAL roadtrip that means driving outside the state of Florida
- Learn to drive a boat
- Learn to water ski/ wakeboard
- Ride a Jet-Ski (yeah, living in South Florida you think I would have done this by now)
- .......

(These are personal accomplishments, the number one will always be spend more time with my kids and the people I love - that goes without saying)

What's on your list? Do you have one?