Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend goal: DONE

This weekend my goal was to get my mind off of all the stress that I have been going through lately. It is not good for me emotionally or physically so I need to remember that only time will help me through it all and things will get just has to right?

So I make a goal of keeping myself occupied this weekend and my mind off of the negative.

Goal accomplished!!

On Saturday I woke up early with the intention of going out on the boat with Ms. Em (a close family friend) and do water aerobics out by the beach. She was also going to teach me how to snorkel (yes, a Florida native who does not know how to snorkel! Oh the horror!!) and even teach me to drive the boat. I'm a water baby, there is no denying that but I've always been the passenger and never taught how to drive a boat because  let's face it, my dad does not let anyone manage his boat and getting him to teach...well, that's a whole other story.

The morning started off a bit cloudy but since it was early the sun wasn't peeking out yet so we got everything ready and headed out. We reached the bay and she had me take over the wheel!! What?!? Yeah, she gave me a few tips and instructions to get me started. I was so nervous I could not keep the boat straight! There are no rear view mirrors or side mirrors and so many things to consider!! My mind was racing.

(The smile is just a mind was screaming AHHHHH!!!!)

She then took over so we can navigate under the bridge and through the channels to our destination.

The weather began to turn.

The wind picked up and the sun decided it was better to stay hidden for the morning.

So instead of our water work out, the boat lessons continued.

She once again had me take the wheel and steer. This time it was more difficult because we were in open water and the winds were fierce. Also we were headed at a different angle so instead of cutting through the waves we were surfing on them. A whole new experience when trying to gauge how much speed to use and steering. The waves though were manageable and I did a pretty good job.

The wind was picking up again so Ms. Em took over and headed for home...

Little did I know she wasn't really heading home, she was headed back into the bay area and giving me the wheel once more. She had me learning how to "plane" the boat and maintain it. She also had me making wide turns and small turns. I felt like I was in a marine version of NASCAR!

She even felt confident enough to let me bring the boat back into the canal so that she could dock it.

This was a rush!! I was excited and I felt great in the fact that I was learning something that I had always wanted to do and I am actually enjoying it.

See....look!! That's a REAL smile!! (This is right before she told me she was having me coast the boat into the canal - that brought on the panic again LOL)

Once we arrived, I cleaned up the boat, flushed the engine, did all the stuff I would watch my dad do but this time it was me! I could do it!! I was so proud of myself so was Ms. Em. Said I was a natural! What do you think of that?!?

We continued with our plans to work out except it was just a 3 mile walk which was enough cardio for me after the exhilarating morning. The weather improved and the sun was shining. No water aerobics but still good activity none the less.

 On Sunday I went to go to one of my dad's races. Yes, my 60 year old father races. Cars. Real Cars. A little Miata to be exact.

The best part was that Mr. Big had the day off. The bad thing, he got the racing bug too and wanted to be part of the action - since he did not have a tiny car to race, he did the next thing...volunteer to work the course.

Great! Now I'm petrified that something will happen to my father in his teeny-tiny car with no roof because he thought topless was the way to go today and then my love out on the course where any stray movement or wrong turn by a driver could leave him flat like a pancake. Needless to say. I was NOT happy. I had my temper tantrum and everything. NOT my proudest moment I admit.

But it was not that bad.

There was a camaraderie and excitement from all the participants and everyone was just having a great time! Mr. Big was loving it because where he was standing he was able to see the runs from good perspectives and got to watch awesome action like one driver making a turn and not getting enough grip and the tail end of the car whipping behind her (yeah, a her!) and him wondering if the pole he was standing next to would protect him. He was so amped up and excited when it was over that he had the smile of a child walking into a candy store.

Two of the drivers were not able to finish their runs for mechanical issues and you should have seen how everyone was right there to help them. There was none of the competitive nature where I'm not helping you because we're competing. No, they were all there to help and make sure they made it home safely.

We went for lunch after the race and just enjoyed each other's company. It was a great day.

Mr. Big and I ended it by going fishing. Well, he fished, I sat and watched and relaxed again. Enjoying spending my time with him and the relaxation of the sunset and views around me.

I was a bit saddened because I saw a dad fishing with his two young children and it made me miss mine. My heart tugged and tightened a bit but then I was okay. Because all in all, it was a good day and I'm allowed to miss my kids but I cannot fall apart because if I do, I'm no good to them or me for that matter.

So all in all, mission accomplished, a weekend to take me away from it all.

How can you not relax when there is a view like this?

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