Monday, July 29, 2013

Fashion: Just DON'T!!

Okay people, I'm not a fashion person by any means.

My go to wardrobe is a pair of shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.

If I have to get dressed up, its a maxi skirt, cute top and flip flops.

If the weather is cold, its jeans, a t-shirt, a thin jacket and boots or doesn't get that cold in S. Florida.

So when I was on the Twitter today and saw this post
I was reminded of these

The image was of a gummy boot - you can find them here: source

 I saw them at the mall on Saturday....

These boots are the latest in the trend of jelly shoes straight out of the UK.

Their purpose was to be versatile rain and fashion shoe rolled into one handy pair!!

As in the first picture, you can glam them up with a wide selection of funky socks or solid socks to match your outfit! The opportunities are endless.

Of course, if you have to go to a more formal occasion then you have these...

(see link in above replaced image)

They have the perfect shades of black or white to match your evening gown perfectly!!

The sky is the limit with what you can do with these Clear Festival Jelly Wellies.

Can you say Fashion Fail?

I mean, I'm no Rachel Zoe or Heidi Klum but my first train of thought - stinky feet!!!

Second thought - blisters!!

What if you forgot to wash your socks and need to run out of the house and these are the only shoes you can find and are in desperate need of a pedicure?

Oh Fashion/Shoe, just NO!!!

~ * ~ * ~

This is seriously making me consider finding fashion fails on-line and making a series of it - a la the Dose Girls' Pinterest Nightmares (if you haven't seen these - then you're living under a rock and you HAVE to check them out).

What do you think? - if a fashion challenged person like me can find the flaws in fashion then there must be something wrong!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! :) We appreciate it!-Ashley

  2. OMG - please tell me this is a sad joke?
    What the eff?!!

  3. Jelly boots are not okay. They were not okay when they were sandals. I am with you. Just say NO

  4. hah! I could totally see these on the Dose girls' site. And I totally had to follow her on twitter.

  5. While I have a soft spot in my heart for cute rain boots (even though I've never actually owned a pair) these are just too much. Nope! Can't do it!

  6. Oh my lord, I also thought "STINKY FEET" when I saw those. Remember when clear backpacks and purses were all the rage? What is it with clear stuff?!

    I hope these go away quickly and quietly. Yikes.

    Found you on BloggyMoms, by the way! Following you via BlogLovin, Facebook, and Twitter :)

    {Willfully Disobedient}

  7. I had jellies when they were in in the 80's :) I had about 5 pairs, but every girl had them and since they were sandals your feet could breath.

  8. Wow. This post is giving me flashbacks to having sore, blistering (and sweating) feet from wearing those jelly shoes. Please tell me they are not coming back!


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