Friday, July 5, 2013

More than just a princess

I was going to write a post in response to my post earlier this week when I  posted a video and asked that you all watch it.

If you didn't watch it you should. It is moving and inspiring.

But instead I am writing about this....

You must be all - what the heck?

Well, really its simple! Our girls can be more than just a princess.

I saw this video and was quickly prompted to check out all that is Goldie Blox because I have to be honest, while Baby Girl is truly the most princessy of princessy little girls I have ever met...she gets bored...of HER toys and wants to play with her brothers' toys.

Yes, their train sets and cars and their building sets.

Why should she only be exposed to things that revolve around Princesses, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of babies? Because honestly, that is what most little girl toys are all about.

Yes, toy marketing gurus do package some "gender neutral" toys in pink but there is more that can be done.

I saw this on the Goldie Blox website and loved it...

Engineers are solving some of the biggest challenges our society faces. They are critical to the world economy, earn higher salaries and have greater job security. And they are 89% male. We believe engineers can’t responsibly build our world’s future without the female perspective.
GoldieBlox offers a much-needed female engineer role model who is smart, curious and accessible. She has the potential to get girls interested in engineering, develop their spatial skills and build self-confidence in their problem solving abilities. This means that GoldieBlox will nurture a generation of girls who are more confident, courageous and tech-savvy, giving them a real opportunity to contribute to the progress made by engineers in our society.
It’s 2013. It’s about time we opened our girls’ minds beyond the pink aisle at the toy store. It’s time to build a new story so our girls can help build our future.

Awesome right?!

I'm not going to deny that I love it that my little girl likes to get all dressed up and look pretty because well, she's a girl and we girls like that. But I also want her to know that she is capable of anything. I want both my girls to know that.

Princess is well, not much of a princess; don't let my nickname for her fool you. She is a unique child all her own and I am so glad that Baby Girl has that role model in her big sister. But I also think toys like these will foster Baby Girl's creativity and realize that girls can be anything.

And yes, I know that my little girl is just a little girl and I should let her be a little girl but what is wrong with giving her options right?

I think this sums up the idea of Goldie Blox the best (from the Goldie Blox press kit)
Goldie Blox is a female engineer. She’s not a nerd, and maybe she’s not a genius. She’s just a creative kid who likes to invent.
She tinkers and builds and isn’t scared to fail. Because she never gives up. She loves to construct things. Delightful things! Things that rotate and swivel and connect. Things that solve problems. Things that make the world a better place.
Goldie Blox is a role model. She’s not afraid to pick up a hammer and build whatever she dreams up next. This doesn’t make her a tomboy, she is just…herself.
So when you close your eyes and imagine what an engineer is supposed to look like…there is no mold. Why, that engineer could be you!
So go ahead and build with Goldie. You won’t believe how fun engineering really is!
Sure, it’s not always easy. You have to use your brain.
But when you try and try and finally figure it out…it’s pure magic!
You can be anything. Go anywhere. Once you learn how stuff is made, you can make it YOUR way.
You can build your story. 

I want my daughter to build her own story, her own way. The world is at her fingertips.


  1. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Our girls DO deserve more...and they are certainly capable of doing anything they want to do. We have to get out of their way and quit dumping society's narrow gender concepts on them so they can soar! --Lisa

  2. This is awesome! Since I have boys, I only venture into the girls aisle of the toy store when we're going to a party. I am always disgusted that I can't find anything creative and problem-solving for girls to play with. When I was little, I played with Legos and hotwheels and cut my Barbies' hair. So happy to see a company taking this issue on!

  3. I love this! I remember my mom told me one Christmas she was checking out at the toy store, and she had Lego sets and Barbie dolls in her shopping cart. The girl at the register asked her if she was buying presents for her son and daughter and she said, "Nope, just my daughter." (I'm an only child.)

  4. I never saw this video but it's super inspirational..I would show it to my daughter someday!

  5. Awesome. Yeah, my daughter jumped on the princess bandwagon though. She loves them. She wants to be one. I figure she'll eventually move on.


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