Thursday, August 1, 2013

This, or Last, or Next???

Okay - I was having a debate with Mr. Big yesterday about when his sister comes to town.

Last time we saw her was in 2011 when she turned 21 and I took her out drinking and she took pictures with random strangers because she is just that awesome and I love her to death because she just makes the world a better place...

See, isn't she adorable?

Sister Big and Me August 2011 <3

Well, anyways...our debate was when she was coming.

Not so much the date because we both know its August 10th but this...

Me: "Your sister will be here next weekend"

Mr. Big: "No she won't"

Me: "Yes, she'll be here on the 10th"

Mr. Big: "That's not next weekend"

Me: "Yes it is! This weekend coming up - like in 3 days is this weekend. Therefore the weekend of the 10th is next weekend."

Mr. Big: "Nope"

Me: "YES! - the weekend that passed is last weekend because its behind us! The weekend of this week is this weekend and the one coming up is next weekend!!"

Mr. Big: "Nope"

Me: Stewing in silence

So people, tell me who is right? - because really, I need to be right! I'm never right!

But I will accept it if I'm wrong - I really will...but I really want to be right!!


  1. I agree with you. What did he think it was?

    1. He said what I call "this weekend" is actually "next weekend"...silly silly man!

  2. I'm totally with you! And I get confused when people say other things.

    1. Good! Another point for me! I get confused easily so this was an important debate ;)

  3. You are right. In three days is THIS weekend.
    The 10th is NEXT weekend.
    Mr. B is clearly confused. :)

    1. And that is why I love you! I promise to stop by your blog today...I know I have been really behind in catching up ;-)

  4. You are right. It must be a man thing, because I swear I had a very similar argument with Andre a few months ago.


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