Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We Need to Teach Our Children Better

Well, I was starting this post ranting and screaming and cursing all kinds of hell because of things that are pissing me off and then I was on FB and having a "conversation" with another autism mommy and I realized, sometimes others have it worse than I do.

This other mommy has an awesome son who is just amazing! And he told her that he hated school and that he "doesn't fit in" - this brought my friend to tears.

It broke my heart as well.

It broke my heart because I know this kid. He has a heart of gold and well, he doesn't deserve to feel like this.

No child should.

Yes, our children are different but all children are different to varying degrees.

It is these differences that make the world a better place because if everyone is the same then wouldn't the world be a boring place?

I hate the idea of conformity or the concept of "normal" - who is to judge why we should act a certain way? Who wrote those "rules"?

Today I emailed Buddy's teacher because he once again approached me with the "I'm bad at school" comment and the teacher told me this....

We had a group meeting with [Buddy] and his peers.  The discussion evolved around [Buddy] and issues that trigger his behavior.  Student learned strategies to try and help him when he gets upset.  Additionally, we talked about how loud noises affect him.

I love this!! Aside from the fact that the teacher emailed me within an hour of me emailing him - that is amazing in and of itself - the fact that they are working as a group with the class together is what I love.

That way the other students (also with autism and adhd) can work together to help eachother and learn from eachother.

If only this stemmed into the mainstream classes and schools.

The more we learn from our children and teach them to work together and be accepting of one another then the better a society we will leave behind.

I hope that my friend is able to work through things with her son - she knows she has my support and the love of so many others that will do our best to make sure things get better.

It should always be like that.

someecards.com - If we teach our children to be true friends instead of teaching them judgement we will be creating a world of acceptance & that is a good thing.



  1. LOVE. One of my big worries now in "the mainstream world" is how he will cope on a social scale.

    For example, we have missed events in the neighborhood because he wasn't able to handle it. When that happens, we remove ourselves from the situation. Most people understand (due to me being upfront about B), but getting to the point of "being in a group" is a whole other story.

  2. It truly takes a village. So nice to see teachers so involved!

  3. It's so hard, for them and for us. It is nice to have amazing teachers and friends to look out for kids and for us.

  4. I love that Buddy's teacher is working with the WHOLE class! What an awesome (and should be common) concept!


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