Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Scary Being Good

Okay, yeah, I know the title is probably making you wonder "Oh boy, what did she do now?!"

Well, you see I was trying to do a good deed.

It's the holidays, people are down on their luck, I have a heart and can't help seeing people in need.

While at work today, a young man - between 16 - 18 came in from riding his bicycle and asked to use the restroom.

He looked decent enough - clean shaven, hair trimmed, he was wearing one of those camel pack things that runners and cyclists use so I said "sure" and pointed to the rest room.

I immediately got on the phone with a friend and told her in "Quedate en el telefono con migo" (Stay on the phone with me) and explained what was going on...you know, you can never be too careful. She knows that if anything happens to me she is to immediately call Mr. Big - she is my lifeline sometimes.

Well, we were on the phone for 10 minutes - I was expecting a pee and go.

The toilet flushed twice and I hear rustling in the bathroom.

Panic and nerves set in.

I look next door and notice that there are people at the salon that is being worked on so I go over and talk my new neighbor and say "I need a man"...needless to say, the look I got was a perplexed one.

I again explained what was going on, while still on the phone with my friend and they agreed to come over to my office with me.

My neighbor is a lady from New York with a much stronger personality than mine so she was the perfect person to be my physical back up. I told my friend that if I don't call her back within 5 minutes, to call Mr. Big.

So we went into my office and my neighbor asked the kid if he was okay - through the door - he said yes and prepared to come outside.

My neighbor and her contractor stood at the front door with me as we talked all things turkey and waited for the kid to leave.

He meekly walked out, said thank you, and got back on his bike.

I closed the door and locked it.

I immediately called my friend and she said that she was getting ready to call me and that if I didn't answer, she was calling Mr. Big...I only had one minute left and she was sticking to it.

I know it might have been a stupid idea allowing this kid to come use my restroom - but I hate judging people because there is more to a picture than what we see but at the same time, I still judged because I became nervous and scared.

Yes, it could have been worse - like a 1000 times worse.

I'm just glad it wasn't.


  1. Oh, I know what you mean though! Unfortunately, you just can't be too careful anymore. Poor guy probably just had an upset tummy though. Or, at least, that's what I hope anyway!

  2. Oy! I'm so glad that man got out of dodge, and nothing happened.
    I'm with Kristen, hopefully he just had an upset tummy!


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