Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There is Still Hope for Our Future

I haven't been in the mood to write lately once again...

Its these ups and downs that drive me crazy because they are just like emotions and anxiety, even when the way to work through the insanity is to write.

Make sense?

But then I come across the videos that I saw this morning on Teen Nick regarding the most recent HALO awards and I had to share this with you...

Why was I looking at Teen Nick?

You see, the HALO awards were this past weekend and it featured something near and dear to my heart...


It featured autism through another thing that is near and dear to my heart...

Surfers for Autism

One of the amazing and wonderful volunteers, Miranda Fuentes, was honored as a recipient of the Teen Nick HALO award for her work with the many children and volunteers that connect through Surfers for Autism.

Her inspiration was her brother.

Her smile is infectious at all events.

She connects with the children she works closely with.

She is an inspiration to many people her age.

Her heart is enormous.

I am so glad that she got the recognition that she so deserved.

I am also glad that autism and the wonderful effects of water therapy were brought into the light in such an amazing and public way.

So I recommend you to check out the Teen Nick HALO awards site here and check out the many videos as well as the other honorees and the amazing things that they are doing for their communities.

There is still hope for our future after all...these young people have given me that hope once again.


  1. I only ever knew about Surfers for Autism through you! Now I'm hooked on finding out more.

  2. So amazing that the awareness is spreading, and even more awesome that Surfers for Autism was spot lighted!!

  3. That's wonderful! Love it when good orgs get the recognition they deserve.


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