Monday, December 16, 2013

Changing the Concept of "FAMILY"

When you ask a child what they think of when they are told to describe "family", most would say, - mommy, daddy, and siblings right?

Then asked how their family is special, well, there they would have a variety of selections of things to say.

That is the amazing thing about children - they can see the beauty and differences in life and accept them and just have fun with them because to them, it is normal.

Adults on the other hand, we are a bit more skeptical.

Nowadays though - the dynamic of family has changed and the new family is full of different lifestyles, members, and even hardships - but the truth is, all of it is held together by one thing - LOVE. These are the modern families and we can learn so much from them. 

Huppie MamaOne amazing blogger, Carrie over at Huppie Mama decided to write a post bringing to light the REAL modern family. Like I said on FB - Sofia Vergara and Al Bundy have got nothin' on these families!!

So please, check out her amazing post...

                                                   The Real Modern Family

where you can see and learn from some amazing families and realize, that every family is special - no matter who is in it or what they face every day.

What makes your family special? I know - but hit Carrie up - I know she would love to hear your stories!!                 


  1. I'll go check this out! Scarlet is growing up in Northampton..which is pretty famous for some things, so she often says, "Families can have two mamas, two dadas, one mama and two dadas, or two mamas and one dada. It's all family!" It's pretty adorable to hear her go on.


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