Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's the squirrel in the tree that's making the noise....oh, and its Random Tuesday!

Well, it's that time of the week again where we are just allowed to blabber on about nothing in particular and shake the cob-webs out of our brains to make room for the stuff that really matters like the grocery lists, honey-do lists, and how else we can figure out to survive the rest of the week without shooting a pesky dog or bird or contractor that is just driving you up the wall asking for a damn release that he already received five times before!!! Oh, wait.... yeah, here's Random Tuesday Thoughts hosted by the lovely and talented (and always a bit tipsy but who wouldn't be hosting all these events that she does?) Stacy of Stacy Uncorked!!! **APPLAUSE**

Okay, okay, enough applause people - it's getting kinda loud and I don't want to set off the dogs...they bark at anything and boy do I mean anything!! Seriously!! When Mr. Big comes home, its announced by the yapping at the door. He would never be able to come in and surprise me because the dogs would spoil it - oh and that he must yell back at them "Knock it off!" so that would kill any surprise he may have planned also.

Yesterday, well, technically Sunday night because I am writing this on Monday night and scheduling it to publish in the future....where was I? Oh, right, last night Mr. Big brought me dinner - my favorite...grilled salmon with baked sweet potato on the side. This time he brought me two servings of the yummy sweet butter and cinnamon mix to put on top of the sweet potato...oh - boy - was - that - delicious!!! Yeah, I just had to share that - I am spoiled!!

I never thought it was possible but someone managed to fuck up a Dyson...yeah, a Dyson!!! I went to work today (read: Monday) while everyone else was out chilling by the pool ignoring watching their children while drinking ice cold and spiked fruit punch waiting for the men in their family to finish burning grilling their Memorial Day bar-b-q meals. Well, the cleaning lady decided to come by today (it's about time!! I've been working there for almost 3 months and she has never been there in 3 months!! oh sorry, I tangented again). Well, while I was working, she was vacuuming, actually her son was vacuuming - but that is another story altogether - she took over the vacuum in order to get under one of the desks and then I hear a horrible crunching sound. The thing is making this whirring sound and then smells like something is burning. She unplugs the thing, puts it on its side and then asks for my scissors - WTF?  She proceeds to pick at the bottom of the vacuum with the scissors and scoop out stuff I would not imagine a dog cough up!!! Blech!!  She felt satisfied with her repairs of the machine and went on to vacuum again - now the noise was even louder and more annoying and the smell continued. She once again attempted to extract whatever it was that she thought was causing the problem....needless to say, she finished vacuuming but the Dyson did not sound the same again....I wonder if she will be charged back for replacing it?

I spent Saturday with my cousin who is old enough to be my mom, well, actually she is my mom's first cousin, and her daughter who is actually a twin but the other one is in DC - she's/they are a year younger than I am - we grew up together - well, we spent the day/afternoon at the the twins' dad's house for a BBQ bc he couldn't have one on MemDay because he would be working - he's a police ociffer!!! But yeah, my cousin brought her baby daughter who happens to share the same birthday as my Gabby!!  And she is just cuters!! I love chubby baby cheeks - see...

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I just had to share - oh gosh is she cuters!!! Oh and she says hi!! She waves her little hand and says hi!! Yeah, I'm missing that stage of adorable babyness

Oh, and to add even more adorable babyness to the randomness...here's my Gabby being a pirate....I fall in love every time I see this face -

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well, yeah, I know the sun-glasses are a bit big but she is just gorgeous!! Trust me on it - and no, I'm not biased, not in the least!!

So, now that you are done going goo goo gaga over the cuteness that are the little girls born on the same day, head on over and harass love on Stacy, I know she will love to see you!!!


  1. My dogs would go nuts too with the applause!

    Have a great day!

  2. I would love a Dyson ...but not one that makes crunching sounds and smells. My truck does that already thanks. LOL

  3. That meal sounds amazing; now I want to go out to eat! Happy RTT.

  4. I'm definitely not biased, that pirate is ADORABLE! Ugh, that vacuum story reminded me of when I used to work overnights and the cleaning guy would vacuum out my cubicle while I was on the phone with customers. I would get SO MAD. Grrr.

  5. GASP. Gorgeous babies! I would want one...except I don't. I love to admire other people's gorgeous babies though. They're delicious.


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