Monday, June 13, 2011

Head for cover - she's about to explode!

You know, those days where everyone is just out to get you and you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle? Yeah, today is one of those days so please pardon me while I rant, rave, go nuts and let it all out because you know what? I can!!

Work is well, work. My boss on some days I absolutely adore him, on other days I wanna hook him up to the hitch on the truck and drag him all up and down the street to see if I can get the shit trip he is on knocked out of him. But all in all,he is a great guy. He's just panicking because next week I will be out for a week and then the day I come back he will be going out of town so he is in in crazy mode.

He even went on a cleaning/organizing spree over the weekend and was bitching and moaning about all the extra materials and supplies we have. Um, who ordered the shit and made me run like a mad woman to get a refill of letterhead because we were "all out" and then the designs we had were from the New York location so they needed to be modified and I with all my non-graphic artist experience had to tweak it so that the printer could have the right information and then the design kit that he sent to the printer for the business cards was all wrong and she had to tweak it too....oh wait, let me breathe here for a minute....

Then to add on top of that when I came in I could barely see the top of my desk because there were plans and manuals and drawings and certifications and folders and invoices and I just might even find the Dead Sea scrolls if I ever get to going through all of this shit!!! I think my desk was a nice cherry wood finish but I can't confirm it because I CAN'T SEE IT!!!

Then my computer just didn't want to work for me - I had inspections to cancel and schedule and permits to review and of course my computer just wanted to sit here and laugh in my face while I screamed and blew smoke out of my ears. And don't even get me started on the fucking mosquitos that have taken habitat in my office some where but seem to only seek out my feet to sting and bite and make all itchy.

Finally I had to call the tech guy because I was so tired of having to go to the PM's desk to do some of my work. Mr. Geek calmed me down a bit as we disputed the attractiveness of the girl on the remote access website. He said she was relatively good looking, I told him she wasn't, he argued, I said she needed make-up, he said she was pretty and that he had a thing for Asians, I stated that I think Asian chicks are hot too but she was not attractive and then we proceeded with him taking over my computer and fixing it. Then he reminded me to stay off the pr.on sites and we said goodbye. If you want to join in on the debate - check her out HERE and let me know what you think.

Now, that it is my lunch break and I wanted to do my homework because I don't want to do it later today because well, let's just say that I am panicking because well, I know why and I will let you know how it turns out later - maybe - So yeah, my school's website is down for "maintenance" so I couldn't even do that!

The upside - my dear friend Jennifer - most of you know her as Steenky who no longer blogs but totally should blog again because she was all kinds of funny and awesome and well, her hair was all sorts of entertainment too...well, she somehow showed up on my Pandora!! Look, down there at the bottom left corner....

(Post-publication-edit: Oh and for some reason the picture that was here is no longer here and I can't seem to find it so as you can see, it's not a good day but she was on my Pandora I SWEAR it!!)

Okay, I think I have embarrassed myself enough for one day - now to attempt to get back to my homework and see if the web-site decides to work with me for the last few minutes of my lunch break (oh, and blogger is pis.sing me off too because it just does not want to respond to any of my commands today - I need a drink - can I mix that with Xanax?)


  1. I think the Xanax is perfectly acceptable.

  2. That's the smartest way to get your computer fixed.. talk chicks with the geeky tech dude. I married one (and I'm a tech chick myself). Ha.

    Hope things are cheery (and I see Steenky on the right...).


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