Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here comes the bride - but first, the ring and a heart attack

Well, my little cousin just got engaged and one of her "likes" on FB is Engagement Rings by Verragio

I being the girl that I am and loving diamonds wanted to see the pretty designs and go goo-goo ga ga over the bling.

What happened instead was a near-fatal heart attack!!!

I saw the prices starting at $4,000 - ummmm CHOKE!!!

Wow!!! I know that diamonds are a girl's best friend but the cost of these diamonds is almost like telling her "I own you now because this costs more than you're worth!!" LOL....Especially in the case of many women in my family this is true (not when it comes to me of course, I'm priceless)

You see, I'm not one for opulence and grandeur - I'm a simple kinda girl but I can appreciate the beauty in all things shiny and sparkly but that price tag scared me....

To put a value on something that is supposed to signify a union of love and commitment is well, weird to me. I think of those girls who think that the larger and more extravagant the rock the more he loves you - WRONG!!!

Size does not matter when it comes to diamonds or love or other things for that matter...well....I'll keep these thoughts to myself on "other things"  ;-} but to spend a few months salary in hopes that the one you covet will covet you with such intensity and desire for you as she does for the stone is beyond my comprehension.

Maybe its because I never got an engagement ring or diamond until way late in my first marriage and at that time it did not have the same meaning that it should have.....but I cannot understand how women can crave these stones and figure them as a symbol of their love to their soon to be spouse and his for her.

I remember another female in my family who shall remain nameless - not because I don't want to shame her but because I value my safety and prefer my body in one piece instead of bruised and broken - but she told me that diamonds were everything and that the bigger the better. Boy was she wrong because needless to say it didn't work for her.

So, as far as diamonds and engagement rings go - in hopes that my little cousin reads this before she goes off shopping with her new betrothed for her ring (he wants her to pick it out I guess because she still has not gotten it yet, until her b-day she says) - don't look at what the wallet can buy - it is what signifies the bond, the commitment, the relationship. It does not have to be diamond even though it is the common one - it has to be something that has meaning and reflects the beauty of the love between the two of you, not the reflection of the light in the sky or room...

Just remember that prima!! But I am happy for you, really I am!!!   But if you're set on being like the rest of our family and want to go for shiny and flashy - the Venetian collection is the way to go

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  1. Well, diamonds are forever; many relationships aren't. My best hopes for her.


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