Friday, June 3, 2011

Hungry? Why Wait? - oh yeah! because it's the Spin Cycle

Today, the auspicious Jen over at Sprite's Keeper has decided to make us actually think with this week's Spin Cycle topic - waiting.

I thought long and hard about it and I know I could go on and on about how much I hate waiting in line, or waiting on hold, waiting for the bathroom, or waiting for someone who should have been ready fifteen minutes ago to get ready but I thought, that's what everyone is going to write about (I think?) and I just want to be different (should be read complicated but we all know that ) so instead I decided to talk to you dear wonderful people about a great movie - Waiting...

So grab some popcorn and pull up a char...wait, that's too close - have you heard of personal space? Gees!!...

You know the age old saying not to mess with the people who prepare your food? I know we have always had those moments where we don't necessarily like the way that our food comes out or have an issue with something on our plate so we will ask for it do be re-done or speak to the chef or manager of the kitchen.

Well, this movie starring the oh so dreamy Ryan Reynolds will make you realize why we must just sit back, enjoy our food as it is, and remember what our mommy's told us....if you don't like it - don't eat it but don't complain about it.

I think that video illustrated the marvels that encompass the food service industry doesn't it? Now I bet you are wondering what was really in that vegetable soup that you sent back recently or you are suddenly realizing what that crunchy stuff was in your salad, and we know it wasn't crouton crumbs.

So please, remember that the kitchen & wait staff is only there to serve you and your needs but if you are feeling risky, go ahead and send your plate back - or just remember the cardinal rule: "Don't fuck with people that handle your food."
If you are interested in seeing what really happened when the customer returned her food for the second time click on the image below

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Here's a napkin, you can clean yourself up now, I didn't think your stomach was that weak...just watch your step, don't want you slipping now.

Oh, and don't forget to stop by the Spin Cycle and check out what everyone else is waiting on

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  1. I liked "Waiting"!

    And I really do feel for people who work in the food industry, especially waiters, customers can be pretty damn unpleasant. As a rule I always accept my plate graciously, no fuss for me. I like my meals minus the unsavory additions.

  2. Ha! The guy I used to work with co-wrote and produced this movie! Dean something or other. I didn't know it until I saw the making of and said to John, "That guy looks familiar!" Yes, the movie was good, if disgusting. And the sequel was awful. :-)
    You're linked!

  3. I LOVE it! I worked at McDonald's for years in high school, and I can attest that that cardinal rule should NEVER be broken!

    Love this spin!

  4. Hah, I loved that movie. And I waited tables for 7 years and it was NO FUN. People are assholes.


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