Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I guess its time to update - Juneathon Days 2, 3, &4

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I procrastinate - yes, that is my M.O. so I apologize profusely for not updating when I am supposed to but at least I'm being honest - I could say that I have had other pressing matters to attend to but honestly, I have not - I have just been putting it off because honestly that is just who I am so, there you go- that's my excuse and I am sticking to it

Well, we all know about my wonderful experience for Day 1 - oh you don't? Here - check THIS out and bring yourself up to that we are all caught up - back to the update - since you all know about my day 1 experience, you all know that my knee has been hurting therefore day 2 I did nothing except walk around my office at work and at home keep my leg up. If you want to count stretching my muscles while helping Mr. Big figure out what was wrong with his truck by me pressing and releasing the brake and accelerator, then that was the extent of my activity for the day.

As far as day 3, there was much more activity! I was visiting my kids and we had an impromptu dance party out in the driveway. I danced, I twirled, I even lifted some weights - they were oddly in the shape, size, and look of my children so yes - I was active!! My knee still hurts a bit but the more I use it the better it feels.

Today will be day 4 but I am not going to be able to do much because after work I have to go home and then Mr. Big and I will be off to get him inked. I have been walking around a lot around the office today and I have even been walking to the printer that is across the street and the kitchen designer that is two buildings over so I am being active. And most of all - I am doing it all in heels!!!

Tomorrow will be more active as I will be with the kids and they always keep me going - so until then....

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  1. Youch, hope your knee feels better! Stop lifting weights for a bit, m'kay? We are off to Disney in the morning... will be there till Wed so wish us luck.


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