Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This brief break has been brought to you by RTT

Well, yeah, today - I am mentally exhausted. I am taking a few minutes from the hell that is my workday my wonderful day at work to participate in the randomness of Random Tuesday thoughts - maybe this will calm me down a bit because my head feels like it is going to explode!


So, don't you hate it when people do not notice the obvious when it is staring them right in the face and then they think that you were purposely trying to withhold information - um, hello?!? It's right there!! LOL

Everyone is having babies around me!! Is there something in the water? I am being overwhelmed by all of this cuteness!!

Yesterday I finally saw the last of the SAW series of movies - while eating pizza I may add - thanks to Mr. Big's insistence that I watch them....my payback, I am subjecting him to all of the Twilight movies and he is going to see Breaking Dawn with me in theaters when it comes out.

I have fallen in love with the pin-up look. I was doing some research recently and I came across some areas where they sell pin-up clothes and do all the hair/make-up etc. I just fell in love with it!! But I think it would be just way too much maintenance to keep up - and I don't think red lipstick looks good on me. Maybe for Halloween though

Tomorrow Mr. Big is going to get more tattoo work done - this time on his leg....I am going to be there watching him cringe in pain. He says he won't - my camera will prove otherwise

I think I scare the people at work sometimes with the choice of music I play...sometimes its Celia Cruz, other times its Enigma or Metallica, and on bad days it's Slipknot.....yeah, they give me weird looks... oh great, now you are too!

I checked the stats on my blogs recently - yeah, there is more than one - if you can find the link to the other one you win a prize - and if you don't...talk about staring at you right in front of your face and not being able to find something!! - well, back to the topic at hand, I checked my stats and I saw visitors from Alaska, Germany, Russia, England, and of course the U.S. - somehow Canada has not shown up - Captain, are you hiding in my walls again when you are visiting my blog?

Well, gotta get back to the grind - but before you go, go check out Stacy and the rest of the Random Thoughters and see what other minds are thinking...


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  1. It seems you and I have similar tastes. I love the pin-up look as well...have for years.My next tattoo will be a Keith Garvey pin-up. I've lusted after that for years. LOL! Classic beauty never goes out of style in my opinion.
    Our music tastes are similar as well. I listen to anything from folk, classical, Black Sabbath,Billie Halliday is on right now to Christmas music in July. Music just makes me happy. All genres. All styles.


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