Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Purple Power!!

If there is one thing that you will ever know about me is this...I am a big advocate for raising awareness of causes that otherwise go under the radar. Autism, Epilepsy, Childhood Cancer, Child Abuse, etc.

These causes you might say do not necessarily go under the radar because you hear about them a lot but the truth is, they do because there is not enough knowledge or awareness that prompt people to go into action for research, support, etc.

Today the cause is Epilepsy. It is Epilepsy Awareness Day. The reason why this day hits close to home is because the children of two of my dearest friends in the world suffer from epilepsy/seizure disorders.

Facts about Epilepsy:

- Epilepsy is more prevalent than you think. 1 out of every 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their life.
- There are different types of seizures therefore awareness is crucial!!
- Epilepsy affects anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sex
 - 1 in 10 people will have at least 1 seizure in their lifetime (my oldest daughter had one when she was 3 months old)
- Out of the over 65 million people that live with epilepsy every day, over 45,000 of them are children UNDER the age of 15 - and living in the United States...shocking numbers

There is more to know and learn about epilepsy aside from the above. Please take the time to read
the Epilepsy Handout provided on Epilepsy 101: the Basics. If you are intrigued to learn even more, continue exploring the internet, ask questions, get involved!!

To my dearest friends Kirsty (you can read her writings at Gone Bananas) and Janie - I love you girls!! You are strong moms and your children are even bigger heroes for overcoming their issues every day and smiling regardless of how they are feeling. They and you are truly an inspiration.

So go ahead, wear purple today!! If you are already dressed or wear a uniform like me - wear purple when you get home. Show your support and raise awareness!!

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