Monday, April 1, 2013

Color it Blue!: Autism Awareness Month is Here!!

It's time to bring the blue out!! It's Autism Awareness Month!!

If you haven't figured it out by now, Autism is very dear to children have it. They fall all over the spectrum, neither one is like the other.

While there are many reports going around about what autism is, that the numbers are increasing exponentially, that there are people who believe in the cause being that of vaccines and mercury poisoning or dietary cures, all I am going to say is that the ony school of thought that I subscribe to is that of intervention and therapy.

There needs to be more awareness because while the numbers of children being diagnosed now are reported to be 1 in 50, awareness is not there where it is needed. Insurance companies need to realize the need for coverage of more than just occupational, speech, and physical therapy. Legislation needs to be revamped as well to make sure that children, adults, and families living with autism every day are protected. Education needs to be re-evaluated to take into account the abilities of the children instead of focusing on what they cannot me they will amaze you!!

Autism is not a disease, it is not a curse so we need to stop treating those affected by it as such.

So for this month, it is all about my children and raising awareness for their daily lives.

Join me tomorrow in wearing blue in honor of Autism Awareness Day!!

Also, light it up blue this month!! Change the light on your front porch to a blue bulb so that when you turn it on you are showing your support to the world!!

Thank you for your support!!


  1. Love this post! I totally agree!!

  2. Great post! My son has Aspergers so I love this.


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