Friday, March 29, 2013

Pictures of perfection

The only inspiration that I can find right now is the fact that I will be seeing my children tomorrow. It has been 2 weeks since I have seen them and for me every day is an eternity so you can only imagine what 2 weeks feels like. I can't believe how big they have gotten. If you don't believe me...take a look for yourself...They are huge!!!

Princess - she is now 11

Bug - he is now 10

Silly - he is now 9

Buddy - he is now 8

Monkey - he is now 6

Baby girl - she is now 4

I still remember the days that they were born. The fears, the excitement, the anticipation, the love - yes, especially the love. That instant feeling of emotion and hope and happiness and everything that makes the world a perfect place in that small instant the moment you take a look at the face of your child for the first time.

These are my babies, my miracles, the loves of my life!


  1. how sweet!! I hope I never forget the days my babies were born. They make me crazy every day but I love them for it. Your kids are adorable! :)

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    2. Thank you! They are the best in the world. I could not imagine my life without them. Yes, while I have a few more grey hairs than I'd like - they are definitely worth it!

  2. You have some beautiful kids :) They are lucky to have a mom who loves them so much.

    1. Thanks! I do love them like crazy <3


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