Thursday, April 18, 2013

Love and a fishing pole

I'm not going to deny it.

I'm not the hopeless romantic type that expects Prince Charming to come sweep me off my feet and wisk me away to a kingdom far far away.

All I asked for was a simple man who liked to relax and spend time with me. We had to have enough things in common to keep the relationship alive. But, we also had to have enough things that were different so that we would be able to learn from one another but also maintain our own identities.

Oh, and he also had to be good to my kids....that's numero uno!

I definitely found that in Mr. Big. He's everything I never knew I wanted along with everything I knew I did.

He's the whole enchilada.

Except for one

I have never denied that fishing is not my thing. Its his thing. Let me say that better HIS thing.

I'm a water sprite, ocean child, whatever you want to call me...but not a fishing person.

So if I'm not a fishing person how did I end up here?

Easy...Mr. Big is fishing. Just like he does on every day off and I accompany him.

No biggie right? Well, not really but still some getting used to.

Now that we live in paradise and are surrounded by water, the options to go fishing are no longer restricted to the early mornings while I am at work. Now he can fish, whenever, wherever! Yeah THAT much fishing.

But because I love him, I go along and sit on the jagged rocks....

Under a bridge.

To watch him fish ginormous catches like this!!!

Huge right?

Well, he loves it and I have to say I am actually starting to enjoy it. But shhh...don't tell him that.

I enjoy watching him catch the fish, regardless of size and get excited. Or how he talks to his shrimp as he places them on the hook or talks to the fish as he takes those off his hook. He REALLY gets into it. His personality just comes out when he's fishing. It makes it all worth it!

And not all the locations are under bridges...sometimes we move to the sides of the bridges and find locations like this...

But yes, there are still rocks to sit on. But look! I found a penny!!

He did do one thing that made my heart catch in my throat yesterday. He sat HERE!!

Yeah, THERE - look, he's standing up to show you just how on edge he is...crazy!!

But hey, this move apparently was worth it because he caught this....

and this....

See how happy he is?

I'm just looking forward to when his boat is ready and we can go fishing out on the water...THAT is fun! THAT I like...and maybe hopefully I will learn how to they say "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"

And even if we continue shore/bridge fishing....I still get to enjoy sights like this...


  1. Beautiful scenery!! And I am impressed that you will go fishing with him...that is so sweet of you! :)-Ashley

  2. AW!!! Just loved this post. You're such a good wife going with him on the fishing adventures!!! I love how you write, and portray your love for your endearing hubby. SO nice to be here. :)

  3. "But hey look, I found a penny!"...that would be so me! HAHAH
    My husband is a fisher too. I can't stand to actually participate but I do like watching him. Ok I'm screwing with you, I like catching sun in the boat...Ok that was a lie too since my brother in law's boat is so small that you practically have to sit in a fetal position...but I do like spending time with him because he can't run away from my conversations :)

  4. I bet it means a lot to him that you go with him! Men really like it when their women join them in activities like this. Even if you just sit on a couch next to your man to watch TV, it means a lot.

  5. Very nice of you to go along with him to fish. I have never had luck when I have fished in the past... I think I'm too impatient. I guess size doesn't matter as long as you catch something, right? hah.


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