Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Accountability: Week 1

It's hard!

Trying to lose weight and stay healthy.


It doesn't help when depression and anxiety and stress kick in.

I know that exercise is supposed to help with that but getting the inspiration to do it to help out is the hard part.

This past week was a hard one.

I did exercise but not near as much as I have been doing.

I did stick to the diet plan though.

I ate better.

I went running.

Did some strength training exercises.

I went running some more.

I ate lean meats and reduced my carb and calorie intake significantly.

The good thing was that I wasn't feeling hungry. I was satisfied.

I did get some energy back in my step.

It wasn't a perfect week but it wasn't a bad one either.

I am proud to say I was able to put on my jeans without wiggling and shifting to get into them!

So far so good.

No measurements this week. I'm trying to steer clear of the scale for atleast the first 3 weeks so as not to discourage myself.

But I do know its working.

Mr. Big complimented me today - he said my ass is looking better.



  1. Sounds like a pretty good week to me. And I love the compliment. :)

  2. You rock! Good for you for just doing it, even when you didn't want to! :)-The Dose Girls

  3. Excellent. Remember that making an effort big or small, is better than not making the effort.
    Throw that shit scale out.
    Go by how your smeaxy self fits into your clothes and how you feel.

  4. You're doing great!

    And yes, it is very hard. I like junk food so much so when I have to give it up, it's tough on me.

  5. Yay! So glad you are feeling good and have more energy.


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