Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dancing with reckless abandonment

What is this crazy woman talking about now? She's up, she's down, now she's dancing?!?

Well, on Facebook I saw a link to BigVision Business and this this is what came up.

How many times have we done that as kids/teenagers?

I remember singing into my brush and jamming out to Debbie Gibson in my younger days and Greenday in Middle School and Ricky Martin in High School. I threw some Mambo No. 5 into the mix every once in a while too.

I remember seeing Princess jamming out like this on the bed while playing Guitar Hero to Tom Petty's Running Down a Dream.

Sometimes we need these little bits of energy and action in our lives to shake away the negatives and just remember that we are alive and need to lighten up.

Imagine doing this with all your kids?

Now that would be fun!! How about getting your kids to do it to?!?

Hmmm...sounds like a challenge....

We'll see.

What was your dancing with reckless abandonment song when you were younger? Do you still do it?

Positive Note: Yesterday I received an email from Bug's teacher which said 

"Good morning! Just an update: Bug is doing GREAT!!! He won 2nd place in our class
for Elocution yesterday.  He received a ribbon and we are very proud of him.
Also, interims are going home tomorrow and he has all A's and B's.

This is one proud mommy right here!!!! This is a FULL MAINSTREAM class!!! His last report card he made honor roll but that was a mix with his ESE and Mainstream class...this quarter is all based on his mainstream class and he looks like he is headed in the same direction. I'm so proud!!!  See look I'm dancing with reckless abandonment over here!!


  1. My children definitely dance with reckless is one of my favorite things they do! :)-Ashley

  2. I love putting on music and just going nuts.


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