Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I love being a mom

There is nothing better than being a mom.

I honestly can't think of a better thing.

Yes, there are times where you want to go screaming for the hills and pull your hair out but then you turn around and see the face of your child. The perfect creation that you made and remember "You're worth it all and more!"

That is how I felt this Mother's Day weekend.

You see, I didn't have just Mother's Day with my monkeys, I had a whole weekend with them.

On Saturday it was a water day.

I surprised the kids in the morning and told them we were going to a pool party.

They were excited!

Buddy not so much. He wanted to be glued to the computer as always but I made a promise that after the pool party he could go on the computer. He fought me for a bit but then he calmed down and agreed.

Good start so far.

We went to a friend's house for the day (after a mishap in the car with french toast sticks and syrup and a very sticky Baby Girl) because they have a community pool and it was just all kinds of awesome!

Her little boy and Bug hit it off in an instant! They were dino-brothers-from-another-mother. They were inseparable.

Monkey went into the water. He used to only sit on the steps. He was IN the water. See....

Baby Girl was a fish! I just put her floaty suit on and she just went off!! I was so happy to see her take to water like that. Before I would have to carry her around in my arms the whole time which is difficult when you are watching your other 5 children in and around the same pool.

She soon tired of the floaty suit because it was giving her a wedgie - poor baby but we compromised for water wings and she was off again! Too cute!!

Silly was just having a blast. All you could hear was his laughter and his smile was just beaming.

Princess was swimming and playing and smiling and laughing. We had a "mommy I'm not talking to you moment" when we had to leave to get some lunch but her smile and hugs were returned when we headed back to the pool and she engaged in a water balloon fight with other kids.

After the pool we went to a friend's house to relax until it was time to go home.

On Sunday I spent the morning looking for Princess's ice cream for her science project because of course, she waited until the last minute to finish it. After about 4 stores later, I found it and headed over to pick up my babies.

I was surprised with gifts of cake (decorated by Buddy), a handmade necklace (crafted by Princess to include "under the sea" beads because she knows I love the ocean), a flower with Baby Girl's face on it, and a homemade brownie recipe written by Bug.

After I made them breakfast we watched a movie and then headed out to Chuck E Cheese.

They had a blast! They won over 1300 tickets!! Enough to get a prize for everyone.
Yes, I dressed them in bright colors and the boys in the same outfits - they are easier to spot this way in a crowded place like Chuck E Cheese.

Then we returned to our friend's house to relax and unwind while I helped Princess finish her science project.

Aside from having to retype everything for her presentation folder because she was having an anxiety attack that she was not going to finish on time....the day ended wonderfully.

As I ushered them to the door of their dad's house getting my last hugs and kisses for the day, their step-sister came out and surprised me with a small bouquet of baby roses and said "Happy Mother's Day!" I was speechless.

It was a perfect weekend. A perfect celebration of being a mom.

I love being a mom!
 In order of appearance:
Top Left: Mommy n Buddy
Top Right: Mommy n Monkey
Middle Left: Mommy n Silly
Middle Right: Mommy n Baby Girl
Bottom Left: Mommy n Princess
Bottom Right: Mommy n Bug


  1. My kids LOVE Chuck E Cheese so much.

    And swimming!

  2. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day. The pool is a great idea! Looks like everyone had fun.

    Oh, and I love your necklace!

  3. Sounds like a great day - and I love your gifts!

  4. We just went to Chuck E Cheese last Friday. It was CRAZY there! I love being a mom too, even on those crazy days. Your gifts are beautiful!


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