Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This past weekend was amazing!!

It was just me and the kids at the beach and I was just in awe of my children and how far they have come.

First take the ride down to my house.

Buddy was having a rough go of it at first, so much that he fell asleep.

My Buddy is tired

Silly was also a bit distant but sought shelter in his sister's arms.


He even took a moment to look out the window when we were stopped.

Showing interest
When we got to the house it was the usual chaos to get them ready for the beach and make sure I have all of their "stuff" because we all know that they need their endless supply of juice and water and chips and sand toys and towels and sandals and goggles and sunblock of and wait! - we can't forget the box of freshly made pizza either - oh, and the Magna Doodle and Cars 2 Electronic Geography Board.

Finally every body was ready to go and so we loaded up the car and went to the beach.

It was packed!! At least the parking lot was so I had to get one of the side lot spaces that required parallel parking. If you know anything about me at all, and if you don't here's something to learn - I CAN'T PARALLEL PARK!

Well, I was lucky enough to find one that I could just pull in to - PERFECT! Needless to say Princess asked me how I got my license. Hush child!

So we get unload all the "stuff" and the children and we walked to the beach. We looked like a momma duck with her ducklings all scattered about and me quacking out their names to pay attention to where they were going.

We found a great spot to park ourselves. A perfect distance from the water and the walk-way. Couldn't have asked for more.

The kids shed their sandals and cover-ups and went straight for the water. It was a perfect day. Barely any waves and blue skies as far as the eye could see.

The kids were playing together. Following directions and having an all out great time!

Silly was in a mommy mood so all he wanted me to do was carry him and hold him. I loved this.

They were laughing and smiling and really being a family. There were no signs of autism in sight. They were just being kids; enjoying the water and sand and each other was all that mattered that day.

Baby Girl being a cheeser as usual

Buddy relaxing in the water

My Bug isn't so little any more

Little smiles

Silly loves the water. Can't you tell?

A very rare momma and Princess moment

Wow! He's strong!!

I think he got some water in his eyes. Oh wait, he always squints when he smiles ;-)

A couple of kids approached mine and they started to play together. They were playing sea monsters and mermaids. Bug was the sea monster of course and the girls were the mermaids. Silly just laughed and flapped. Buddy laughed and made sure everyone was careful. Monkey wanted to play but he was too little - the boys did try to include him somehow. 

There were questions about why Silly didn't talk and why he flapped; why Buddy scripted and rocked; why Monkey was so sensitive; why my kids were "a little different" but not bad questions. Questions of interest and wonder. They didn't shy away from my littles, they played with them. A bit rough I might add but they were boys and were actually showing concern and apologized if they were being too rough. They were laughing and playing. They didn't care. When Princess stated that Silly had autism, one boy said - "Oh. Cool!"

Cool a word I never thought I would hear associated with autism. 

It put things into perspective. Something I have always known but until it was right in front of my face I didn't recognize. No matter what my children may have or may not have - they are still children. Regardless of what they can and can't do they can still have fun and enjoy their lives.

So as the sun got lower and time ran out - we packed everything up...ushered children out of the water and into their sandals...fought with Silly to atleast keep the towel wrapped around him since he was on sensory overload and took off his swim trunks and rash guard and after attempting to put them back on 3 times, there was no way of getting them on him again - my compromise was the towel.

We walked towards the car, once again looking like a momma duck and her scattered ducklings - except this time one duckling was wrapped in a towel and momma duck was desperately trying to hold onto it and usher said duckling to the car to avoid another wardrobe malfunction - and headed back to get them ready to go home.

As we drove to the meeting place to see their father, they were sleeping soundly.

All sleeping - except for Buddy, he had a nap already ;-)

As I looked back at them in my rearview mirror I was reminded of something that a mom and grandma said to me while we were at the beach

"You are very blessed. You have such a beautiful family"

Yes, I am and yes, it is.

My babies. My loves. My life.


  1. What a fabulous time your kids had at the beach! Such great memories for you and them. :)

  2. what beautiful photos & sounds like a wonderful day!

  3. I don't have personal experience with autism. I know enough to know that this day was a "success". I'm happy you all had such a wonderful day and positive experiences with other kids. It's good to hear stories of kids not excluding other kids because they may have a few behaviors that the child isn't use to. Wish we could raise all kids to be that way! Great post and great pics! :) hi from PYHO

  4. Gosh I wish we were close enough to the beach!! love that you got to have such a great time with your kids and you look so happy!!

  5. You are absolutely blessed, for sure. And what a great day. You can never go wrong at the beach.

  6. This just made my heart so very happy.
    Kids are amazing. They really are. They are so curious in an innocent way and they don't see faults...they see hearts and smiles and someone cool to play with. We are all different is the lesson we all need to teach our children and different is cool.
    More so, I'm glad that you got this time with your family. Really. Your smiles say it all. xoxo

  7. Beautiful! You really do have such a lovely family!

  8. What a wonderful day!

    and that response- Oh. Cool. That's something to keep coming back to.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day! Your photos are lovely - a trip to the beach always seems to make great memories.

  10. This is such a beautiful post - I love everything about it. Your family is so precious! (And I'm SO jealous that you live close enough to the beach to be able to enjoy it like this!)


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