Friday, June 14, 2013

Potty faux pas

I have had this in my head all week and am wondering if it will happen again this weekend when I take them to the beach (hoping the weather cooperates - please do the no rain jig with me. Not now, after you read this! Okay, much better thanks)

Last weekend when I took the kids to the beach Monkey had an interesting bathroom situation.

Mind you I ALWAYS tell the kids to use the restroom when we are getting ready to leave.

Especially Monkey who seems to have a bladder the size of an acorn.

He told me he didn't need to go and even though he "didn't have to go" I made him try - just to be safe.

Safety be damned.

Literally as I unloaded the kids and all our "stuff" out of the car (do you know how much "stuff" kids need at the beach? 6 kids! Let's just say a pizza box was part of that "stuff" because that is ALL that Silly will eat - good times)..okay, back on track I unloaded the kids and their "stuff" from the car and walked down to the beach to find a spot, Monkey tells me he needs to pee.

Yes, you can imagine the amount of eye rolling and huffing - on my part - not Monkey's; he was just standing there holding his junk and doing the pee-pee dance. It was really a cute sight. His face was all scrunched up and contorted as his body wiggled around. Should have caught it on video.

So, Monkey tells me he has to pee.

Well, we're at the beach. on the ocean. not a bathroom in sight!

We all know that everyone pees in the water. If you say you don't you're lying.

So I told my son, go pee in the water.

The little one proceeded to walk to water and so I turned and began to lay down the towels and "stuff".

Before anything, the waters here are VERY shallow which is why I love it. And Monkey was in my line of sight the whole time so he was safe as well as Princess was following him to the water just to be safe because she's that kind of a big sister.

As I put the last bag down, I looked over and saw the moon. Not THE moon - it was around 12 noon so the only thing in the sky was the blazing hot sun.

No, I saw Monkey's moon.

Apparently he interpreted my direction to "go pee in the water" as a literal "go pee in the water".

You see, he dropped his swim trunks, hung out his hose and proceeded to pee in the water.

I quickly ran over there and lifted his swim trunks - he had already finished thankfully.

I knelt down to tell him how he misunderstood me and there he stood grinning. His silly Monkey grin and said "I went pee Mommy" - yes, son, yes you did - for the whole world to see.

I wasn't upset or anything. I was stifling my laugh because I could not figure out a way to correct him on it. How do I tell a child not to do what I told him. How to tell a child with autism not to do what I told him. It was just easier to pick him up, hug him, laugh, and tickle him as I walked to put on his sunblock.

Yes, I got stares. There was a whole birthday party going on behind me that saw the whole thing.

A mom who was not so pleasant watched in horror as well. She's another story for another day.

But all I could do was laugh and remember how sometimes I forget that my children think in black and white and that at least he followed directions.

Even though it was when I told him to "go pee in the water".

I love my kids.

Oh, this reminded me of a Ron White stand-up bit....

Have a great weekend everyone!! Oh, and you can do the good weather jig now since you're done reading and watching the video.


  1. HAHAHAH!!!! They take things so literally. I love it!

  2. So funny! Can't believe anyone wouldn't have laughed, too! (anyone with boys would for sure!!) --The Dose Girls

  3. Oh, I agree with Kimberly! They do take things so literally!

  4. I can see him as a college upperclassman someday, telling a co-ed how he's "always had a connection with the ocean. It's just ... part of me." It has my pee.


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