Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kickin' it Old School

It's time to take things back a notch and do things the way they were done in the good ol' days and therefore I am participating in "Old School Blogging: the Crazy Five Edition" hosted by Alison over at Writing,Wishing and Elaine at the Miss Elaine-ous Life

Five Things I Have A Passion For

1.  My Kids

2.  Mr. Big

3.  Autism

4.  Surfers for Autism

5.  Paddleboarding

Five Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die

1.  I would like to actually take a yoga class. I can't stretch - worth my life! And don't tell me that's the purpose of yoga! I have never been able to touch my toes, not even when I was 5 so its not that easy for me!

2.  Own a home. Yeah, that's a big one for me. I want to have something to call my own.

3.  Pay off all my debt. With student loans - it seems like this will never happen! If you can teach your children one thing, its apply for every and any scholarship that they can. Student loans suck!

4.  Finally write the book that has been floating in my head for the past 2 years.

5.  Create autism awareness in my community because it is seriously lacking here!

Five Things I Say A Lot (Parental Advisory warning!)

1.  FUCK!

2.  Like really?!

3.  Seriously

4.  SHIT!

5.  Stop hitting your brother!

Five Books And/Or Magazines I Have Read Lately

1.  The Swimmer's Assistant - by Amber Myers (I actually wrote a review for it here)

2.  Jackpot! - by Jackie Philossoph

3. Wild Mustang Man - by Carol Grace

4.  Crazy Love - by Nicola Marsh

5.  Star Fish - by Nicola May

Five Favorite Movies

1.  Sabrina (Both versions)

2.  He's Just Not That Into You

3.  Swinging with the Finkels

4.  As Good As It Gets

5.  Hope Floats

Five Places I Would Love To Travel To

1.  Texas

2.  Amsterdam

3.  Greece

4.  Australia

5.  New Zealand

Five People I Invite To Do This Meme

1. The Dose Girls

5. Kirsty @ Gone Bananas

Thanks to Kristen @ 31 Million Seconds for inviting me - I love getting invites!!

Okay, I think that's enough ;-) 


  1. I say a lot of those foul words too. I try to watch it around kids, but sometimes they pop out. Oops.

  2. Owning a home is at the top of my list, too! I've always rented, and I feel like I need to put on a pair of big girl panties and finally have a place that I can call MINE!
    Oy, cuss words and me... I'm seriously (use that word too much, too) think my child's first legit word might be sh*t.

  3. I know I'll be in big trouble if I ever have a kid because I cuss waaayyyy too much. Especially when I'm driving. I come up with some very colorful combinations then.

  4. The things you say a lot of?
    Um, me too. :)

  5. Haha! I love that doormat!

    I'd love to go to Australia too. I didn't put it on my list, but I'm sitting here saying, "Yes! Why didn't I think of Australia??"


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