Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Better Hostesses

Okay people, I know, I have been totally slacking here this week.

But I have a good reason for it!

Mr. Big's sister is in town and I'm focused with being a good hostess with the mostess so I'm sory that my hosting duties to you have well, fallen by the way side.

But I do cherish you all...really I do!

So since I have been so crappy, I am going to let some other wonderful ladies lead you into the weekend and host my blog for two days.

These true hostesess with the mostesses are my guest Jennifer-bloggers.


Yes, guest Jennifer-bloggers.

You see, these are 2 mommy bloggers who no longer blog but are still awesome and wonderful friends of mine from way back in the day of old school blogging - and even better, they are both named Jennifer!!

No, its not the same person, trust me.

Jennifer - aka Sprite's Keeper is on the East Coast and happily married with one beautiful little girl who was the center of her blog world over at Sprite's Keeper (hence her name, duh!). Since she no longer blogs, I stalk her via FB and just smile and laugh at the tidbits she continues to share with us. She is a true friend and always has something nice to say. You can check her out as her page is still open so you can see why I fell in awe-luv with her (yes, click on the link - your computer won't blow up or anything).

Jennifer - aka Steenky is somewhere living in a sisterwives commune in Utah...actually, no she's not - I just make fun of that with her. She is also one of my loveliest and dearest friends who used to blog but no longer does because she spends time caring for her 3 children - her son and daughter and of course, her husband, all while managing her crazy hair. She used to blog over at Steenky Bee and that is where I fell in awe-luv with her as well. Check her out too - even though its outdated she is still all kinds of cool.

These ladies will hold down the fort for me and you will get a taste of why I think they are so great and why I am so glad that they are still in my life and two of the greatest ladies out there - so much that I'm jealous I'm not a Jennifer too!

And of course, I have to leave you with some eye candy in advance because I can't be rude.

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood

So here is you Special Needs Ryan Gosling dose for the
week - courtesy of the ever awesome SN Ryan series with Sunday at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood who allows us this break from the insanity of special needs parenting and allows us to laugh at ourselves all while drooling over the steamy that is Ryan Gosling


  1. hahaha..oh, Ryan. I'm trying to train my son to be the next Ryan Gosling one day. I think it will happen. He's awfully gentle and photogenic. Looking forward to the upcoming posts!

  2. Haha, those Ryan Hey Girl photos always make me laugh.


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