Friday, August 9, 2013

Taking me Back and a Hottie to Boot!

Have you ever forgotten what you used to look like before you had kids? I know I did!

I seem to think I have always looked like this but not true!

We were once young children and teenagers before we became the hot mommies that we are now.

So as I was thinking about how to participate in this week's SN Ryan Gosling series over at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood I decided to clean and rearrange my house.

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood

I get my best ideas when I'm cleaning. Also, I needed to because if you remember last week, Mr. Big and I were having a discussion about when his sister arrives which is now THIS Saturday so I have to make the house look presentable.

As I was cleaning, I came across this picture....

My Sister, My Brother, and ME!!

Wow!! That 14 years ago exactly yesterday at my brother's first wedding. I can't believe I was ever that young or looked like that! I still remember when I bought that dress.

I was in a small mall in Buckinghamshire England looking for something to wear to Her Majesty's Theater to go watch Phantom of the Opera for the first time. I studied at a boarding school, Wycombe Abbey, in Buckinghamshire for about a month during the summer when I was 16 in a course offering on Sir Thomas Moore by the University of Dallas (they don't offer this anymore). I was the only student from Florida! Wow - definitely takes me back!! (There were guys there - the school was closed for the summer but we were used it as our dorm - the boys got the 3rd floor and the girls got the 2nd floor). I have to say that was one of the best trips in my life!! Too bad my photo album got damaged when I had a water leak in my old apartment. It was ruined!! :-(

After I posted that picture on FB my cousin then posted this one of me as a toddler...

Here, have a ball. It says "2"
Wasn't I just the cutest? I can't believe I was ever that little!! And those rolls on my arms and legs!! And the dress!! Holy crap!!

Time flies by doesn't it? 

Now I am looking over required reading lists for Princess because she still has one more book to read and school starts like SOON and she doesn't know which one to read.

I remember when I was the one reviewing the lists for myself and doing book reports at the last minute because I wanted to get every ounce of summer in that I possibly could.

Now, its my children doing the same thing....


So, I gotta get back to it and since I promised you a hottie (no, not my brother - that's just gross people!) here you go....


  1. Ohhh yeah, I can just imagine what kind of therapy you could think up with Ryan.

    Hey, you have a therapy swing, right? RIGHT?!

  2. I've been going through old pictures lately (for my dad's funeral last week) & been having a serious case of "how the heck did time fly by this fast?". It's crazy!
    Studying abroad sounded awesome.

  3. While I was visiting my folks this summer I spent an entire afternoon going through old photos. It blows my mind how fast time goes. I remember being young and wishing for the next life milestone (can't wait till I'm 16 and can drive, can't wait till I'm 18 and an adult, can't wait till I'm 21 and can drink [legally - ha!]). Now I want to try and slow time down!

  4. You were gorgeous then and you're gorgeous now. And Ryan, well..he's always gorgeous. I love your "Hey girl." Awesome!

  5. haha, that's awesome. Like Ilene said, you're gorgeous then and now. Before kids, and actually when I was weighed at my first prenatal appointment with my daughter, I was 107 pounds at 5' 6". Pretty impressive, right? It actually was way too little. I guess the first trimester didn't agree with me.

  6. Love it!! And you're still beautiful :)


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