Monday, August 5, 2013

Finding the Balance

Well, I have to admit, my last few posts have not been at all that pleasant to read.

I've been griping and bitching left and right.

But, well, that's what this blog is for - its to let out all that is going on in my head.

The good, the bad, the funny, and the sad.

This weekend though, I found my balance.

I'm back at even and I'm so happy for it.

I had a good day with the kids on Saturday - I even captured some awesome moments on video that I'm going to share with you all, but not today, tomorrow.

It's better to keep you waiting for those goodies.

But today I'm going to share this with you...

The clouds over the water were just amazing

And this....
I LOVE this picture!!

Oh and this...
I love how the sun and clouds reflected on the water -
it was a perfect mirror!
Yesterday when Mr. Big came home, we decided to head out on the boat and just ride. He needed to break-in the engine since he just got the lower unit repaired and we couldn't ask for better weather.

We spent a few hours on the water.

He trolled (sp?) a lure behind us while we just enjoyed the scenery and each other's company.

We were amazed at how many lobster traps were already set out. The floating-buoy thingies (see how technical I can be!) were everywhere dotting the water line ready for lobster season to officially open tomorrow.

It was a perfect end to a hectic week.

I found my balance again.

On Saturday with my children and closed if off last night at dinner with my love.

I remembered once again how lucky I am. Even during the hard times and moments where I just want to scream and cry.

I'm lucky. I have so much in my life.

Like him...
All scruffy & inked - just my kind of man

And even more....THEM....

My little fish

Who could ask for more?


  1. Ah, that nice even balance. Good for you. And BEAUTIFUL photos. Wow.

    1. Thanks!! I took the pics with my new iPhone and I love how they came out!!

      I can't wait to take more and see how they do

      And a photo compliment from you is just AWESOME!!

  2. The balance is really hard to find sometimes and I ve found that a really good weekend can be such a mental life savor in getting that balance back.

    1. Yes!! A good weekend is definitely what I needed :-)

  3. You captured some fantastic pictures!!
    Finding balance is one of the hardest things as a parent. I'm so glad your weekend was perfect!

    1. Thank you lady!! :-) It was a perfect weekend and I'm so glad the balance is back...


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