Thursday, August 8, 2013

Picking Six

What is it with the sudden need to learn more about people? Seriously?

What happened to just walking in to your house and shutting away the outside?

I'm just joking...

I love people and sharing about myself - only when asked of course.

Luckily for you, I have been asked!! Yay!!

The ever so adorable Desiree Macke over at Macke Monologues has requested I join in the Pick Six fun. She is all kinds of cute and sweet and girl-next-door perfect that I couldn't say no. If you haven't checked her out yet, you so totally should - she is awesome and her little guy is just waaayyy too cute!!! He's yummy and you just wanna squish him. 

Okay, I think I've gushed over the Desiree a bit too much so now onto me...

Here are the six questions I picked along with their answers...

1) What is your Favorite TV Show?

That one is easy!! I would have to say Criminal Minds. There is something about the way that the characters of the BAU can solve the most heinous of crimes and all by profiling the personalities of the criminals. Aside from my children's autism, this is another reason why I chose to study psychology. The show made me curious of human behavior.

Oh and of course - who could forget the eye candy. I think all the men on this show are hot in their own way... see...

SSA Dr. Spencer Reid - aka Matthew Gray Gubbler

SSA Derek Morgan - aka Shemar Moore

Unit Director Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner aka Thomas Gibson

SSA Supervisor David Rossi aka Joe Mantegna
Bonus: Mantegna's eldest daughter Mia has autism and therefore he is double awesome in my eyes!!

2) Tell us something we don't know about you:

Well, unless you're family you wouldn't know that I studied classical languages in high school. For 4 years I took French, German, Latin, and Ancient Greek. I can understand most people when they speak in French if they talk slowly enough. I can get a generalization of conversations in German. I can tell you that "Equus" is the word for "horse" in Latin. I can recite the "Our Father" prayer in Greek as well as read the alphabet and recite classical poems in the original language. I don't have use for these languages now and I think the only thing I can say if I needed to in France or Germany is "May I go to the rest room?"

3) What's your favorite beauty secret or product?

Since I have curly hair and live on an island where humitdity is almost always guaranteed, the frizz sometimes makes me look like a crazy woman. Therefore I use this...

If it weren't for this perfect product, I don't know what I would do with my hair. Actually all of my hair care products are Garnier - even when I dye my hair I use Garnier. These products have done me well.

4) Share one of your favorite pics. Tell us why it is your favorite.

This is my favorite picture because it is one of the first pictures of Mr. Big and I ever!!! I love how we are both smiling even while we are kissing....I never had that before in a relationship so it reminds me of how good things are with him.

5) Who inspires you?

Well, that one is easy - my children!  These little people have overcome more in their lives than most kids should ever have to and they are growing and thriving because of it. I couldn't have a bigger source of inspiration than the six little amazing angels in my life.
This picture is so cute I had to post it again

6) What have you learned about being married?

Well, I'm no longer married but I did learn a lot from it. I learned that being married shouldn't mean that you have to change. The person that you are with married you because they loved you for who you are and if they ask you to change - then they didn't marry you for the right reasons. I have taken that lesson into my relationship with Mr. Big and so far it seems to work. We are not married and I don't think we ever will (that's a whole other debate I don't want to get into right now) but we are together because we like who we are as individuals and when we are together. There is nothing about him that I want to change and there is nothing about me that he wants to change. We grow together as a couple and take each other into consideration but we still maintain our own individuality and identities aside from that which makes us a couple. This is my second chance and I think with the lessons learned from my marriage - I think I'm doing something right.

So, now here is the best part - I'm passing the fun along to the following six awesome people. Just pick six questions from the list below and answer them on your blog.

1. What is one of your silly quirks? Or something silly that you get excited about.
2. Favorite movie, song, or tv show?
3. Any funny stories to share that has happened recently?
4. Tell us something we don't know about you.
5. What's your favorite beauty secret or product?
6. What's your favorite or go-to outfit? (pics please)
7. What's a personal trial you had to overcome?
8. What's a current dream that you are hoping to achieve?
9. What's the coolest thing you've made? (food, craft, anything)
10. Who or what inspires you?
11. Share one of your favorite pics. Tell us why it's your favorite
12. What's your favorite part about marriage? Or what have you learned since becoming married?

It's nice to get to know you and for you to get to know me - now go away!

I'm just kidding, totally stick around, I like you - just don't leave a mess - this floor is a bitch to clean!


  1. Latin? I took Latin too! How's this for a quick verb conjugation:
    Sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt. :)

    And I could go on and one about my quirks.
    Thanks for the tag my friend. Will be fun to read the rest of those you have chosen as well. xo

  2. Thank you for tagging! I love reading these and getting to know more about the bloggers I read.

  3. Ohhh... I'm going to have to try out that Garnier product. I have naturally curly hair, and you know I have to fight the humidity every blessed day, too. It's usually a losing battle.

  4. I love that picture of you and Mr. Big kissing!

  5. What a fun post! And I seriously LOVE the men of Criminal Minds...YUM! Especially Shemar. In my opinion he is the epitome of physical perfection.

    Love your cute kids! I have 5 myself and boy does it make life interesting and amazing! Glad I hopped over to your blog!


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