Friday, August 16, 2013

This Post Has Way More Burrito References Than I Intended

Here is my Jennifer #2...after much technical difficulties we were finally able to get this post submitted for your enjoyment. This Jennifer aka Steenky is just the best!! She is all kinds of awesome who listened to me complain about my divorce while I was on the treadmill all the while encouraging me to keep on going and making me laugh with stories about family and bad hair. I love her and here, this is just a little bit of why....
Oh, boy. This is going to be rough. I haven’t written anything “just for fun” for almost 4 years, unless, of course, you count the things I scrawl on the bathroom walls at work. I used to have a space carved out on the internet that I called my own over at It’s still up, kicking up dust, but my thoughts don’t live there anymore. They’re in my head, unwritten, often unheard and taking up space. Space that I desperately need in order to remember to pack the kiddos their school lunches or their names or where we’re even driving.
True story, late last week I was driving my two children home from a day at the pool. I was listening to and enjoying their endless chatter about My Little Pony this and My Little Pony that, when I suddenly found myself in a Rancherito’s Burritos parking lot. (Local greasy Mexican food chain. Delicious. Did I mention it’s delicious?) I honestly had no idea how I arrived there. Did I black out on the drive? More importantly, did I still have that buy-one-get-one free coupon in the console? That night was confusing. Delicious, but confusing.
I gave up the internet to become more present at home (but not in the car, apparently). I don’t think my family ever considered me “absent” or gone really, but the important things like my husband, my kids, and Ryan Lochte’s abs needed immediate attention.
But, as I mentioned earlier, my lack of online outlet has caused me to have a head full of jumbled thoughts and often a tummy full of gas. (hint: burrito) I admire anyone that can maintain his or her rock star online presence and not wear stretchy pants all the time because, I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it all. Well, I could, I just needed spandex to do it.
As of late, I’ve placed myself on a Facebook fast as well. I haven’t been on in two weeks with the exception of checking the private messages that pop up. So, as you might imagine, the total lack of social media interaction has been a bit of a change for me. It’s weird not being able to type into a tiny box what I’m feeling today, even if what I’m feeling today is excitement about something totally benign like finally uncovering the mystery smell in the car (double hint: it was a burrito, again).  Or posting about the important things like declaring myself undecided on this whole spring trend of brightly colored skinny jeans for men. It’s August already. (Get it together, Jen!)
I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I’m awfully glad I got a chance here today to dip my toe back into the online world, even if it was just for a moment. I’m already feeling the fog lift from my thought-congested head. I’m doubly glad it could be on this wonderful place that my dear friend Krystal has created. I’m so very proud of her and I love her to bits. We’ve shared laughs, secrets and a few tears. But we’ve never shared a burrito. We ought to change that, don’t you think?


  1. Yes, share that burrito!

    I love how Krystal is bringing bloggers back into writing. She's doing a great job at that!

  2. Hi-lar-ious! And now I'm really craving a burrito.

  3. Haha!

    I need to go on a Facebook fast. I feel like I'm checking it all the time.

  4. OK, you two really need to go out for a burrito. Can I come to? I'm kind of craving one now...


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