Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I'm shocked my little blog has not shut down yet from the amount of activity that it received this week from being my SITS day on Monday.

I wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone that stopped by.

I'm trying to get to everyone's comments and blogs to show some love as I do sincerely appreciate it all!!

It was amazing to see such great comments and thoughtful responses to the posts that I chose as my top 3 favorite posts.

I felt that those best described me, who I am, and what my life is about.

I try to be as open and candid as I possibly can because I spent so much time of my life holding it all in that it made me a not so nice person...letting it out and just being me is giving me the outlet to get through the good, the bad, the hard, and the silly.

I have made great friends through blogging - some that still blog, some that don't, and some new ones that have made it all interesting.

So again, thank you to everyone that has stopped by, is still stopping by and to my friends who I love for just being there even when I'm not around!!

I will be by to visit you all soon!!

((HUGS)) and have a great day!!


  1. Yes, these blogging relationships and friendships are so wonderful, aren't they?
    Happy post SITS Day! Glad there's still that awesome afterglow. I met some bloggers on my SITS Day that I now can't imagine blogging life without.

  2. I'm so glad you had such an awesome SITS Day! You deserved it!

  3. My SITS Day was so great and so overwhelming! It took me forever to get back to people. It's fun though, isn't it?


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