Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Unbreakable Bonds

Hello peeps!! How are you? 

I take it that you all have survived Halloween and managed to hide the remaining candies from your children if you haven't eaten it already yourselves.

This is only the start of the sugar highs and regrets about calorie consumption!! 

Well, this post is not about candy but to me, its just as sweet.

This past weekend I was driving with the kiddos to my house and as usual, there was swapping snacks and sharing of iPhones. Complaints that "I just got it!" or arguments about who gets to sit with who - even though they always sit in the same spot because strategically, that's the safest for them and my sanity.

Well, as usual, Silly sits next to Princess...and this is what I am writing about...

As we were driving, I was watching these two and my heart just skipped a beat - nothing in particular happened just a realization.

You see, there is something about the relationship between these two - they have this unique bond.

She is 11. She is growing up and going through those awkward and terrifying tween-teen years (she will be 12 on Thursday - help!!) and along with that comes the "I know" and "Ugh" attitudes about life and the people in it - except when it comes to him.

He is 9 - on the outside, on the inside he is more like 3 or 4. He is a loving, smart and funny kid but with the stimming, the scripting, the noises, the flapping, and obsessiveness on particular things, it is hard to make connections - except when it comes to her.

These two children of mine are the perfect blend of sibling love.
She understands him like nobody else. She knows what sets him off and what calms him down.

He looks for her and wants to show her everything he does.

She can decipher what he is trying to say when all I hear is words that do not make sense put together. (Really, he was saying some words together but I couldn't figure out what they were referencing and she immediately knew he was talking about Thomas the Train)

He asks for help directly from her "Help please Princess."

She has the patience of a saint when it comes to her brother, when so many other people don't.

He seeks comfort from her - he lays on her lap in the car when he is tired or pokes her thigh when he is upset and crying so she can rescue him.

I don't know how this bond developed but it has always been there.

She has always been his rock and his solace.

I am so glad that they have each other. 

I am so glad that the love of family is there among the screaming and fighting.

I am a truly blessed momma.


  1. You're kids are so sweet. I love how close the bond is between these two!
    You really are blessed! :)

  2. How sweet! I really love that story. And happy birthday to your little Princess!

  3. Isn't that so beautiful? Happy early Birthday to your princess!

  4. Such a beautiful bond. That must just warm your heart to see.


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