Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspired by Cosmo!!

I was reading an article in Cosmo and it triggered the question….
What is the difference between making love and having sex?
I have wondered the answer to this because there are times where you just want to have full blown all out crazy tumbles in the sheets with your partner. You know the sweaty animalistic primal sex that gets your adrenaline going and screaming at the top of your lungs? Yeah, that type.
How about those moments where you want just the sensual passion and soft moments where you can feel every inch of each other’s bodies to the point that is seems as if your hearts sync together and beat as one – but, it’s a new relationship and the love word has not escaped either of your mouths let alone your thoughts.
What if it is a couple that is in love and have had a long relationship and everything is great but they are not into the whole soft and sensual that is shown in Soap Operas (like that ever really happens and if it does, can someone tell me how they do not make all those body noises and weird faces we know we all make when we are in the sack?)? What if their sexual style is the all out crazy and primal? – because heck, we know there are those people out there too.
And of course there is the couple that is just into the sweet and innocent and into taking their time. With candles and soft lighting and rose petals on the bed and floor (what if one of those gets st…nevermind)
And if there is a difference between the two, is there a transition period? Is there another term? When do you know that the difference is upon you? Is it the moment that you first say I love you that turns it into “making love”? Is there a way to shift between the two depending on the moment?
Does the location also make a difference? The bed, the shower (still don’t understand that one but hey, to each his own), the car, the backyard, the bathroom at the local bar….???? Anyone, anyone?? Bueller?? This is a whole other topic that I may touch on soon or later…because it interests me to hear what others have to say on what Realtor’s base their life’s work…Location, location, location!!
I think Petra (the Wise Young Mommy – miss you writing btw!!!) asked this question once before but heck, like I told Irish, reading is the fundamentals of writing and my reading has sparked this question (Irish, sorry for somehow connecting your meaningful writing to my insane thoughts but heck, I’m just nuts like that).
Any takers on trying to solve this riddle? Ooohh, maybe I can compile your thoughts into witty review and even submit it to Cosmo and then they will love my recap of various ideas and then I will get hired as a free lance writer for them and become all famous and be able to finally buy me a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos!! (Mary Anne, you are so totally to blame for my obsession with these shoes you know that right?)
We can only hope!!!

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  1. This was funny and sweet and all about the stuff that really gets us up to something! I don't mind at all, my dear.

    My personal take is that different things exist at different times in a relationship, one isn't better than the other, necessarily, just different.

    Moods change, likes and wants and needs evolve. I think it is more important to be open to what the other person is thinking. Primal and fast or sensual and slow, either way...we win :)


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