Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Totally Tuesday - wait, no So Totally Random....Where's my brain?

Wow! It has been a while since I have done one of these things and now I learn that Keely is no longer hosting them....WTF?!? Oh well, Stacy over at Stacy Uncorked has been gracious enough to take over hold the fort until Keely decides she is ready to come back from the looney bin vacation.

The other day I was at the grocery store and this wonderful young lady (to be read dunce sixteen year old with no clue) glanced at my shirt and asked me an interesting question: "Do you listen to Jimi Hendrix?" My response was undoubtedly yes, if not I would not be wearing a Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt DUH!! Anywho....her next question was something along the lines of "Does he do rap or rock?" You can imagine the astonishment that I had and the urge that I had to teach this child a thing about music (actually I just wanted to yell and scream at her and tell her that she was a complete idiot and beg to know what the hell it is that they are teaching kids in school today, but I refrained from doing so).

When did acid washed jeans come back into fashion? Yesterday at the bank I saw this random guy in tight acid washed jeans - the kind that you would see in an episode of the first season of Saved by the Bell, by one of the girls. Seriously, I know I am not the most fashionable of people, but that is just ridiculous!!

I talked to the kids last night before bed and Athena was all bummed out because school is almost over (This is not my child) and Junior is all excited because school is almost over - he is even counting down the days (THIS is my child).

Last night I was out to dinner with Mr. Big and I was complaining about all of the bugs - his response, "You live in Florida" - my rationalization of it: the impending end of the earth on May 21st, but in all likelihood, I will be wrong and as usual, Mr. Big is right. Yes, I have to admit, he is usually always right, damn-it!

Well, I will let you all get back to the wonder that is your lives but if you have any random thoughts floating up in your minds, jot them down and share them - maybe if we bombard Stacy enough, Keely will resume her position and Stacy can go back to carrying a glass of wine instead of a sign (Stacy, your arm is looking rather buff there though)

Just follow the sign, She will help you find your way!


  1. Welcome back, Krystal! I need more info on Mr. Big! xoxo

  2. Acid wash should be banned...along with wide legs...or anything from the 70s for that matter. :shivers:

  3. My cartoon me might need to switch arms so they'll buff evenly... ;) LOL!!

    I've been giggling through your whole post! Wonder if that dunce 16 year old with no clue also didn't know how to read? And I would have totally messed with her, I would have acted shocked and amazed that she didn't realize Jimi Hendrix was the biggest rapper out there...then she'd embarrass herself with her friends with that info. ;)

    I didn't get the memo that acid-washed jeans were back in style...or apparently that dude didn't get the one telling him he's out of style.

    Princess Nagger's counting down the days until school is out, too...I'm not so much. ;)

    Thanks for rockin' the random rebellion with me - hope you'll do a repeat performance again next week, I can always use extra giggles! ;)

    Fun, Rain, DaGeDar and Legendary People - RTT Rebel


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