Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leave a message at the beep....oh, yeah, its Random Tuesday!

Do you hate it when you call someone you get a song instead of a ring tone? Don't get me wrong, some songs are catchy and all but then you have those that really suck! Then you have that song playing on repeat in your head all day. I sometimes just want to leave them a message telling them that their choice of music needs to be re-evaluated or my relationship with them will have to be re-evaluated as well - it's their choice. I wonder what they will pick...

In the spirit of phone calls, don't you hate it when someone tells you to call them at a particular time or you tell them to call you at a particular time and then they don't. Then the next time that you do talk to that person they are all pissy because you don't call them anymore. Hello!!  I did make attempts to "pencil you in" but you were just too busy so screw you....oh, I love you too!

My kids are making me laugh lately. Athena is trying to learn spanish and she is practicing with me and when I talk to her, she just gives me this blank stare. I think she is not used to the speed at which I talk; the computer is much slower and mommy's mouth runs at the speed of light - sometimes thats a good thing though.

Gabby is talking a storm - sometimes I wonder when she was born because honestly, she could not have grown up that quickly! She is a little woman - and boy is she fashionable!! Loves bracelets, sunglasses, hats, etc. Oh boy, she is going to be a doosy to go shopping with!

Today at work I found out that at the end of the summer it is going to be my responsibility to coordinate the company Christmas party! OMG!!! I am loving this!! I have so many ideas and suggestions and themes and everything!! So, how much do you think that it would cost me to get an ice sculpture of the entire staff??

Talking about parties - come join the randomness with Stacy while she continues to hold down the fort for another week and wonderfully hosts Random Tuesdays

But be careful - that glass of wine in her hand is off limits! I tried to get a sip the other day and she almost knocked me out with that sign!!

Oh, and I just had to throw this one in there....

And everyone thought that Oprah was going to be the one to take the reigns - I guess wrestling is more popular than Oprah....


  1. Laughing at the poster of Randy Savage...At least he is reunited with the Lovely Elizabeth.Oh yeahhhhhh. ;-)

  2. Ice sculptures can be expensive! But kinda cool so maybe worth it? Happy RTT.

  3. My sister has the most annoying song in place of ringing that bugs me - she thought she was downloading a college fight song ring tone, but still hasn't changed it yet...so I'm still annoyed. ;)

    Oh and that calling at a certain time scenario? Yeah, bugs me when they don't follow through. ;)

    My mouth runs at the speed of light, too - I have to remember to take a breath and speak slower...I forget to do both. ;) At some point I bet Athena will be talking faster than you! ;)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Christmas party!

    That Randy Savage poster totally cracked me up.

    Thanks for continuing to be a rebel with me - sorry about whacking you with the sign... ;)

    Chicken Salad, Marathon Dog, and I'm a Winner - or is that Wine-r?

  4. I do not like music ringtones. If I wanted to hear your favorite song I would steal your ipod.

    I don't know what is funnier: the Randy Savage picture or the Oprah comment


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