Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Return of the Bucket List

About 2 years ago I wrote this post about my bucket list.

I detailed the items that I wanted to do before I passed away because let's face it - we're not all immortals here no matter how much we would like to think that we are.

After reading it I realized that I have actually accomplished quite a few things on the list without even realizing it until now.

This was my list
Krystal's Bucket List (In no particular order, well maybe in some sort of order):
- Get my boobs done!!!
- Get my tattoo(s)
- Get into better shape
- Finally learn to ride a motorcycle - wait, learn to drive a motrcycle, I already know how to ride one!
- Buy my own motorcycle
- Get a larger car
- Buy a house of my own
- Go on a cruise
- Ride a REAL roller coaster (Space Mountain does not count)
- Take a REAL roadtrip that means driving outside the state of Florida
- Learn to drive a boat
- Learn to water ski/ wakeboard
- Ride a Jet-Ski (yeah, living in South Florida you think I would have done this by now)
- .......

(These are personal accomplishments, the number one will always be spend more time with my kids and the people I love - that goes without saying)

As of right now I can say that I have accomplished the following:

*Get my tattoo(s) - as you can see from the images below I have started on my tattoo. I have at least 2 more sittings until I finish it and then its onto working on my arm

See why item #1 is get my boobs done?!?

*Get into better shape - that is currently on-going. Just because I haven't posted recently about the whole work-out progress does not mean that I have stopped. Heck, I can now fit into the jeans that were my guideline for this whole getting fit attempt!! That's a bonus!! And my legs are getting muscle, my arms are more defined and my belly is a lot smaller than it was :-) (Don't judge by the above images...I gained weight since I started the ink work)

*Get a larger car - When I wrote the original list, I was driving a Ford Focus - not big enough to fit all of my kids into. Now, I have a Dodge Durango - it fits us all, as long as another passenger doesn't want to come along. I want to get another larger car but that will have to wait - I'm looking at the new Chevy Traverse - it seats 8 according to its commercial and the Chevy Website. See...

The image was the interior of a Chevy Traverse - you can find it on the Chevy website

*Go on a cruise - Since writing this list, Mr. Big and I have been on 2 cruises!! Both to the Bahamas but on 2 different ships and had an awesome time at each. The second one was a little hairy because Tropical Storm Isaac (who then turned in to Hurricane Isaac) was out in the water so the boat was a rockin for sure and the rain was bad and the sea sickness was everywhere but we found ways to enjoy ourselves. Can't wait to take another one!
Cruise 2011 (this is a picture of a picture so the angle is
 kinda off - our heads really don't look like that)

Cruise 2012 (see I told you, normal heads)

*Learn to drive a boat - this one is the most recent that I have accomplished. I'm still working on it but in the case of an emergency, I can get us safely to help when out on the boat. I still have more learning to do and need to get more comfortable in the driver's seat so to speak but I'm getting there. Just look at my smile!...

As evidenced by my recent posts, I am continuously working on my most important item and that is spending time with my children. They are my life line and whether I live to be 50 or 150, that is one item that I will never be done with!

So all in all I'm doing good with my list - maybe I need to add some more things?

Do you have a list? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Oh my gosh, did those hurt on your side? I have four (much smaller) tattoos, and none hurt much. But, yours look like there was some pain involved.
    Your #1 is also my #1. HA! I thought having a kid would help some. It didn't! :)

  2. That's great that you have already accomplished a few items. Love the tattoo!


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