Monday, October 21, 2013

"Blanket Please" Breaks My Heart

You know that feeling that you get when your child is sick and all you can do is sit there, watch and wait for the medicine to take effect?

That was me this weekend with Silly.

(Yes, I got the kiddos this weekend but I will get back to that later)

When I picked him up he was quieter than usual. On the drive he didn't even play with the iPhone so I knew there was something up.

I took the kids to take a restroom stop and when I touched his skin, he was burning.

I rushed to Walgreens next door and got him some Motrin and gave it to him right there in the parking lot.

(Note to self: ALWAYS carry Motrin with me - this is the 2nd time I have had to get meds on the ride with the kids)

I gave him the Motrin and as we approached the house, Princess told me he was still hot. I called my father's girlfriend to see she could stop and get me a thermometer and drop it off at my house. I couldn't afford another stop and judging from the previous occasion - finding a shop that sells thermometers is not that easy. 

She agreed and we were on our way.  directed some of the AC vents to him and headed to the house.

When we got there, my dad was waiting. He had dropped off the thermometer - a cute little duck one I might add. He too saw the ickiness in Silly's eyes 

I immediately took his temperature - seemed to have been going down as his skin was a lot cooler. Thank you to all things holy and myths of Mount Olympus!! 

He just slept and watched videos on the computer.

He didn't want to drink much but did eat once the fever broke. SCORE!!

And then the fever came back.

He still didn't want to do anything, not even watch videos, all he wanted to do was crawl under the covers and sleep.

That was a battle seeing as he couldn't be covered up, but I just hated hearing him cry "blanket please" in a low tone of voice with tears in his eyes and a tremble in his lip. Heart wrenching does not even begin to cover it.My neighbor was with us making cupcakes as we carved our jack-o-lantern and she even had a broken heart. 

This child is sick and not even cranky or whining. All he wants to do is just lay there. He doesn't complain. He just wants to be comfortable and rest. 

I carried him to the living room and sat him next to Princess on the couch - he wanted the throw blanket on the couch - I told him he couldn't have it and little tears fell and he closed his eyes. 

I just sat there and rustled his hair and begged for him to feel better. 

After a few minutes, he fell asleep and the fever began to come down.

Being a mommy is never easy, especially when our babies are sick. We are helpless because we are at the mercy of medication and time.

We just want to make it all go away and take it upon ourselves so that they no longer feel so wretched. 

According to his dad and step-mommy, he is doing better today. I am so thankful for that. The less days they are sick the better.

Keep your medicines handy - flu season is quickly approaching!


  1. Ugh, I know. I can't take it when my kids are sick. I don't know how I pull through it, but I do. I guess we're stronger than we think, and so are they. Glad he's feeling better today!

  2. Poor baby! Fevers are the worst. They make your whole body ache. So glad to hear that he's feeling better though.


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