Friday, January 10, 2014

Surviving it all

Recently I came across this on Facebook...

I fell in love with this post because it is just perfect for right now.

Even while being positive as of late, there are days that I just want to crouch in a corner and rock.

But I am not letting that happen because I am a survivor of so many things.

And so are you.

Take every day in your life and realize that you have walked away from so many challenges and problems and mistakes...there are going to be hard days and good days and we are just to learn from them and move forward.

Yeah, I know that I am preaching this and it sounds like self-help mumbo jumbo but I am saying this because we need to hear it.

We forget that through every day we are more than just going through the motions...we are living and we need to stop attacking ourselves for what we perceive has gone wrong and find a way to be right with all things happening and continue to survive.


  1. That may be the best quote I have ever read!

  2. Ugh, Blogger is having a bad comment day! I keep trying to say that I adore this quote, swear word and all. (I swear way more than anyone should know..)

  3. Awesome quote. And I agree: you are awesome!


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